Freihofer’s Run for Women race report


This race is always so exciting for me. (I posted why here.)

It’s been exactly one year since my last injury (A Broken 5th metatarsal.)

from  last year’s Freihofer race

So of course, I was a little nervous, as well.

This year as I did previous years, I walked over from work yesterday to pick up my bib and goodies (shirt, bread & cookies).

It was so quiet on the street the day before the race.



After I picked up my goodies, I struggled up that hill walking that I would be running up today.


When I got up, I was happy to see that the weather was perfect for running. Breezy and oool but not too cold or too warm (unlike the heat of last year.)

I dressed for warm weather (short sleeved shirt, skirt) but with a jacket that I would wear until the race started.

I had my usual running breakfast (oatmeal & tea) and drove to work where I would leave my car and jog/walk the 1.5 miles to the start.


at the plaza near the start

I wanted to get there early so I could meet friends.


the flag in the background is the start

I was early so I went down under the Plaza to use the real restrooms and bumped into my tennis friend Mary Pat.

Some of my former students organized a team (“We Ran It for Janet’) to support their friend who had been recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I was not officially running on the team (since I registered for the race too early) but wanted to stop by and say hello.


me without the team shirt

2012 was such an emotional race. Last year, I was relaxed about it.  But this year, I wanted to do well but not get HURT!

Around 9:30 or so, I pushed myself into the crowd.  You lined up by colors (according to your projected finish time.) I moved up to see the elite runners go by and head to the front. I bumped into another runner that I met at the Bacon Hill 5k race. We chatted for a while.

Then there was the national anthem (which always makes me teary eyed in a big race.) And we were off.


couretsy of the Troy Record


Right off the bat, someone dropped something and bent down and I tripped over her and then the person behind me bumped into me.  No one was hurt. Phew!

I tried to get moving. It was difficult but since it was a hill, going slow was ok. It was really congested until you got to the park.  My pace was so slow.

I was cold from the breeze at the start but warmed up quickly and all I wanted was to run the whole race and finish strong.

Mile 1 was great. I felt strong . I was just trying to save it for the end. I passed the water stop (where I broke my foot last year) and continued on.

There is another uphill during the 2nd mile but I slowly willed myself up it.

Then came the 2nd water stop.  I successfully passed that one too.

The 3rd mile gives you a break.  It is pretty flat. I was fatigued but just pushed myself.

Finally came the downhill portion which leads to the finish line. It always makes me nervous so I can never let myself go full speed.

I heard the announcer say “if you hear me you can finish under 29 minutes”.  So I tried to sprint.

I crossed at 29:04 but but my net time was 28:51.

Not my best (28:14) but far from my worst.

I was pleased.

And I did meet my goal. Under 30 minutes!  And I didn’t stop at all!


mile 1: 9:47 (uphill in the congestion)
mile 2: 9:17
mile 3: 8:58
.14 – 7:38



out of over 4000 women

I waited at the finish for my friends.




Mary Pat

We all got some refreshments – cookies, yogurt, fruit and


even got a free towel with my milk

Afterwards there was dinner/auction fundraiser for my former student.  It wasn’t until 12:30 so I took advantage of my free time to run some more.

I jogged/walked to the plaza and then back to my car – that was at least 2 miles so I just ran 3 more miles.


I’ll call it 8 miles for the day.

The fundraiser was fun.  I ate lots of pizza and wings.  (After all, I did run today!) I didn’t win any raffle items but it was nice to see all my former students.  They graduated 24 years ago so are adults with kids of their own.

Tomorrow I head back to the lake.

Running + boating = perfect weekend

Happy Running! Enjoy your weekend! Did you race or do anything else fun?


2 thoughts on “Freihofer’s Run for Women race report

  1. It was a wonderful day to race! Just perfect weather. Unlike last yr. I still have vivid memories of last year! You did great – as usual.


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