Gonna get me some vitamin D

Tomorrow I leave for the tennis ladies’ 10th trip together to Naples, Florida. (For some of us, this is our 18th tennis trip – 1 Palm Springs, 5 Las Vegas, 1 Dominican Rep, 1 Delray Beach.)

Naples Fla

There will be only 7 of us this year (usually 10) and we are renting 2 villas (from the same lady) in World Tennis Center.

This is my second trip to Florida this year. (Remember, it was cool and windy on my last trip).  This purpose of this trip is to play tennis and do some female-bonding. (There are no races this time of year in Florida 😦 )

May - tennnis vacation in Florida

We will be playing tennis everyday from 8-11 am.

playing tennis in Delray Beach, Fla

I no longer need a knee brace.

and then we will be busy the rest of the day with a variety of fun/relaxing activities.

I could never get tired of looking at this!!!

I think they will involve this view.

I am bringing my running clothes. Will I run??? I certainly hope so!!


these were my enthusiastic friends in 2008 – will I be able to get them to run with me???

I won’t have a computer so no posting for 8 days!!! (I will have my iPad & iPhone so I will be following your blogs and updating my FB status.)

I will post pics when I return.

Happy Running! I will miss you all! Stay healthy!

4 thoughts on “Gonna get me some vitamin D

  1. You’re visiting my state! Hope you enjoy Naples, I’ve heard it’s really nice, but never been myself (and I live here haha). Us southerners go north for vacation…yes, we’re weird.

    I nominated you for a Liebster award. Check it out on my blog at http://prettylilmudder.blogspot.com 🙂

    Hope you enjoy your trip and have safe travels.


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