Racing Bucket List

I am lucky to have done some amazing things in my life. Check out my Reverse Bucket List. And only 3 out of 32 involve running.

So what is on my Racing Bucket List? (Since I started running almost 6 years ago, many of the items, I have already done but not ALL):

1. Run a 5k race. CHECK.

after the race

Freihofer’s 5K

2. Run a 10K race. CHECK .


Helper’s Fund 10K

3. Run a 15K race.  CHECK.


Stockadeathon 15K


Half in Naples, Florida

Naples Half Marathon

5. Run over a BRIDGE. CHECK.

sarasota hm 2013

Ringling Bros Bridge (Sarasota, FL)

6.  Run along a LAKE. CHECK.

Camp Chingachgook 10K

Lake George (Camp Chingachgook  10K)


Mayor’s 10 miler in Palm Springs

8. Run along the OCEAN.

9. Run in another COUNTRY.


11. Run on a BEACH.

12. Run with a FAMILY member (my hubby or stepson.)

13.  Run a POPULAR half marathon (more than 5,000 racers.)

What’s not on my Bucket List? (nothing is written in stone…)

  • Run a Marathon.
  • Run a Disney Race.
  • Run a fun race (color, neon. etc.)
  • Run a obstacle race.
  • Run a triathlon.
  • Run an ultra.
  • Run a trail race.
  • Run a (Ragnar) relay race.

Happy Running!  What’s left on your Running Bucket List?


11 thoughts on “Racing Bucket List

  1. Awesome! Running by the ocean is AWESOME. Running on the beach – even better! My first HM was a destination race (ok, ALL my HMs are destination races) & a popular one with 40,000 runners (Vegas, baby!). Technically I can say I ran in a foreign country, but does Canada really count? I did run in Prague – but on a treadmill. Figuring out my pace in kph wasn’t easy.

    I’m with you on the tough mudders, color runs, etc.

    I don’t really want to do a marathon, either, but part of me wants to try it. Once. To say I have. I’m not sure that I ever will.

    I’m totally with you on the Central Park run – I’ve had my eye on the Self/More HM for quite some time . . .


    • Yes, Canada counts.

      I’d love to do Vegas, I used to go there (but that was before I was running.)

      I’m with you on the marathon. I’d love to say I did ONE but not sure I have the time to commit to the training.


  2. Hi Darlene, I’m so glad I ran into your post! I’m new to the sport of running – I’ve only been running for a few months – and I absolutely love it! I’ve never thought of creating a running bucket list before but I’m definitely going to make one now.

    I’m from Hawai’i so I should maybe start my list by completing the local races but it would be amazing if I could run in some other states as well. Vegas and New York would be a dream for me! Congrats on all you accomplishments and thanks again for such a wonderful idea!



  3. I want to run a marathon some day. And I want to ride my bike on a Woman’s Tour…..maybe in the Grand Tetons or along Lake Michigan. Congrats on getting those races checked off your Racing Bucket List. You really have accomplished a lot.


  4. I didn’t know you hadn’t run on the ocean or on the beach! Are you doing that race on the bus? That is on the ocean, right? A tri would be better for you than a marathon – less stress on the body. I’m all for the Central Park goal as you know.


    • I may do the bus one but I would have to leave at 2:30 am!! And yes it is on the ocean. Tri? Never. Can’t swim well & don’t like to bike. Let’s plan Central Park!!


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