My Next Race and First of 2014


My latest excuse for a vacation is that a friend moved to Palm Springs, CA in August and she invited me to come visit.

Remember Mary, my running, ice cream buddy?

Sean's Run with Mary

So guess where I am going January 8-13, 2014? PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA!!

It is not an ideal time to take off from work since I just had 2 weeks off and it’s is the start of a new semester. But it sounded like a nice race, Mary is still on vacation & I was able to use my frequent flyer miles.

So off I go… to run this race:

jan11 Here’s the race description:

Join the Mayor of Palm Springs for one of the most scenic runs you will ever experience. The race is part of Mayor Steve Pougnet’s commitment to health and reducing childhood obesity. See the uptown, downtown, historic buildings, parks and the scenic mountain views. There is a race for everyone of every age. Come join the fun! Every registrant receives a hot breakfast and finisher’s medal! Raffle prizes, food samples, and a fun flat course make this one of the best! Prizes for every age division. Commemorative photo and medal for every 5K and 10 Mile finisher! Breakfast is included! Join us at the Pre-Race Spaghetti Dinner the night before.

5K or 10 miler??

We are both running the 10 miler.  My first so a PR!!

I am really excited to see Mary again.  To run with Mary! To leave the cold weather!


view from Mary’s patio…she lives on the 12th hole

I am excited! My only goal for this race is to have fun and finish healthy.

Happy Running! Do you plan your vacations around races??


5 thoughts on “My Next Race and First of 2014

  1. I don’t plan vacations around races (yet…next time we go to Maui, we’ll do it around one of their two half marathons), but I do try to find a race once I know I’m going somewhere. Enjoy the warm weather and running with your friend!


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