July – Gettin Better All the Time…

I usually hate to rush the summer. But this year, the faster the time goes, the sooner I am running & racing again!!


July Goals:

  • Continue to heal the broken foot – YES but this is really out of my control.
  • Follow doctor’s orders and don’t overdo – YES for the most part.
  • Ditch the crutches – YES but I really did this last month.
  • Wear 2 of the same shoes – YES!

wore 2 running shoes all month


even wore sandals

  • Walk – Yes, started with the treadmill, then the track, then the road…


  • Bike – YES, started with the stationary bike and then ended with a regular bike
  • Run a little (yes, I am being optimistic) – YES, 1 mile, then 2 miles, then 3 miles… 🙂
happy me at Brant Lake

running in Chestertown

AJH snapped this.

even ran/walked a 5k race

july 13

hopefully the mileage continues to pick up…

I also spent more time on our boat and on the islands of Lake George than last month.



I spent the weekend with tennis friends and even hit the tennis ball.

group photo

Me on the left on the court in Chestertown



    1. RUN (regularly)!!!
    2. Do not overdo and listen to my body…REST when necessary!!
    3. Play TENNIS!
    4. Start planks!
    5. Attend a yoga class!
    6. Start training for the Oct 13 half marathon
    7. Run a race 
    8. Run at least 50 miles this month

Happy Running! How was your July? What do you have planned for August?


3 thoughts on “July – Gettin Better All the Time…

  1. #2 should be in bold also! Listen to your body.
    I think my legs were tired from those New York hills yesterday. Rolling was the wrong term for them.


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