Yes, I know this is my 2nd post of the day (and not an A-Z one) but I couldn’t resist doing what Miss Zippy asked – writing about my best run(s).

For me, my best run is not often my fastest.  In fact, it is usually not during a race (I am always too worried about time and/or injury to enjoy it to the fullest.)

My best runs always take place during vacations. And in Florida where the sun is shining and views of water are available.

Here a two that come to mind:

#1 took place during my March vacation in Cape Haze, Florida (on the west coast) – it was just a short one as I was tapering for my half. The weather was PERFECT and so was the scenery!!


#2 took place during my January vacation in Holly Hill, Florida (on the east coast). This run was about 6 miles but it was over a bridge and along the water – JUST PERFECT.


I just love vacation runs… in a warm climate near the water.  Can I retire soon??

Happy Running!  What was your Best Run(s)?


9 thoughts on “#BestRun

  1. I ask myself the same question but I’ve got 25 years ahead of me still 🙂

    This post is making me crave the sea and all those lovely trails I know are hiding under this snow!


  2. You’re going to fall out when I tell you my best run since lately I haven’t run hardly any! But I’m getting back in the swing of things with this nice warm weather.

    My best run was a 9 mile run-my longest ever besides my half marathon. I ran up my dirt road in 65-70 degree weather with my ipod playing. It was so peaceful through the dirt road with trees and trees and trees on both sides. Lots of shade with just the right amount of sunlight patches every now and then. For some reason that day I felt like I could run forever. What a great feeling!



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