E is for Energy gels

I am someone who cannot run on an empty stomach (or do anything for that matter).

I have tried a variety of things but energy gels with water work best for me. Gu is the brand that I use the most often.

5 vanilla Gu & 5 chocolate Gu - my favorites

Vanilla and chocolate outrage are my favorites – I like espresso love too.

Recently I tried PowerBar gels and I like them too. (They are a little bit more liquidy than Gu.)

pb eg_

this is the only flavor I have tried

I also tried a Clif Shots geI before my last 5K.  It was also more liquidy (and messy). They sell them in supermarkets so that is a plus (4 for $5).

Click HERE for a comparison chart. (I use them because of taste and didn’t realize how different they are… Power Gel has a lot more sodium than the others.)

I take energy gels before any race and before runs that I do in the morning. (Since they have caffeine, I do not take any later in the day.)

During my long runs or races, I take one every 4 miles or 45 minutes…with water.  So far I have not had any stomach issues.

Happy Running!  What do you take for energy when running?


10 thoughts on “E is for Energy gels

  1. I like GU best – the others are too liquidy for me as well. The other thing I can use when the weather is warm are Shot Bloks – but if it’s cold, they become too difficult to chew.


  2. I like the Honey Stinger Gels, GUs seem to sweet for me. On longer runs, and in warmer weather, will also take some Powerade with me in addition to my water.


  3. As of yet, I haven’t tried any but I will be shortly.
    I can currently run on an empty stomach if it’s early but usually I run on an apple and some walnuts. I have no idea where to even start when it comes to fueling for longer runs so I really appreciate this post!


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  5. Pingback: Huma Chia Energy Gel Review | My First 5K and More...

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