Love the Bling

shm medal
I just got my medal for completing the Sandy Hook Memorial Virtual 5k. (But more importantly was that the money went to a great cause!!)

Of course, I don’t run races for the bling but it is fun getting it!!   Each of my medals tell a story.

This is 2012 - supposed to be the largest in Florida!

This is the 2012 Sarasota Half medal – supposed to be the largest in Florida! I wonder what 2013 will look like? It will the one from my 1st half after a year of injuries.

My most precious:

my first half marathon

it’s from my FIRST half marathon…you can never have another FIRST

Here’s a few more:

from my 1st race 5 months after ankle surgery…they said I could NOT run for 6-9 mos.

from my 1st 10K…I had not run more than a 5k since ankle surgery

I ran this one for a friend’s charity and my Russian friend was there to watch me run


I ran this 5K with a stress fracture and my BFF in PA watched me cross the fnish line


my 2nd half marathon where I almost did a DNS…30 degrees, sleet & freezing rain in April…poured for all 13.1 miles


my 3rd half but untrained due to an achilles injury…was a great race due to so many friends running it


was supposed to be a PR half however  it wasn’t…it rained for 1/2…but got to race in CA with my BFF’s sister

Happy Running! Does the bling figure in your decision to run a race?


6 thoughts on “Love the Bling

  1. I don’t run a half marathon FOR the specific medal, but on the other hand, they better hand me a medal when I cross the finish line, you know what I mean?


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