Staycation Has Begun

Not that I don’t love working but I can get used to this! It’s Sunday eve and tomorrow, there’s NO WORK for me!!

Usually when I take off from work, it is to go somewhere.

The week between Christmas and News Years, I am off (though I was tempted to go somewhere warm), and we decided to stay home. And I have nothing to do except:

  • Run – whenever I want (and not break my ankle on the ice!!!!)
  • Catch up with friends – celebrating my bff’s b-day on Thurs & annual tennis holiday party on Fri
  • Shop for bargains– love those after Christmas sales
  • Read – just finished Glass Castle & Gone Girl…any suggestions??
  • Knit – want to finish this pair of socks


  • Go to the Movies – I want to see Les Miz, Silver Linings, Guilt Trip…

I may do more of the above the rest of the week but I really should do grocery shopping, laundry, cooking, cleaning, re-organgizing…

Then I won’t mind going back to work next Wednesday!!! Ha Ha!

Happy Running! Do you have the week off? What are you going with your free time?

3 thoughts on “Staycation Has Begun

  1. Those socks are beautiful. I just caught up on several of your posts. I haven’t posted in a week and you are a posting maniac! I have the week off but this one always flies by.


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