TTT: Injury Update

1. I have run 2 times – 1/2 mile each time in my neighborhood.  (Boy is it hard to limit it to 1/2 mile but I am taking the the doctor’s advice…for now.)

2.  I rode my bike on the bike path on Saturday (the weather was gorgeous) and rode the stationary bike at work during lunch (all caught up on my TV shows.)

3.  I have finished knitting a sock and reading 2 tennis yet.

and I am no longer wearing the BOOT (at all)!

Happy Running! How slow have you started running after an injury?

2 thoughts on “TTT: Injury Update

    • Suzanne’s Diary to Nicolas – Patterson, a tear jerker
      Between Shades of Grey – young Lituanian girl’s struggle being tortured & locked up by the Russians during WWII
      Weird Sisters – enjoyed this one
      all 3 at least have a happy ending


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