What the Doctor Said

Tuesday, I went to see my foot doctor.  (In case you haven’t followed my latest injury – my foot started to hurt 5 weeks ago.  I ignored the pain and ran two 5k races but stopped tennis & running for 3 weeks, then went to the doctor who prescribed a boot for 2 weeks since the xrays revealed a healing stress fracture of the 2nd metatarsal…probably caused by overuse of the right foot due to a broken left ankle.)

Here’s what the Doctor said on Tuesday:

  1. Start weaning yourself off the boot…wear a shoe several hours a day and increase it each day.
  2. On Sunday, start running a 1/2 mile every other day (if it does not hurt.)
  3. The next Sunday, increase the running to 1 mile every other day (if it doesn’t hurt) and then increase running gradually.
  4. Can play tennis once I can run 2 miles every other day without any pain.
  5. Biking is  allowed now.

So that’s that… I can’t wait to take my first running steps…Fingers crossed.

Bye bye boot!!

Hello running shoes!

Happy Running!

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