Camp Chingachgook Challenge 10k Race Report

The tee shirt (I didn’t get one cuz they ran out)

(Note to self: don’t eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s the night before a race.  It kept me up most of the night with an upset stomach.)

Anyway, I got up at 6am hoping not to see rain.  It was overcast, 70 degrees with 97% humidity but at least it wasn’t raining.

I ate my usual breakfast (coffee & oatmeal) and headed out.  It was about 1 hour 15 minute ride up to Lake George.  The Camp Chingachgook Challenge was held on the eastern side of the lake.  My boat is on the western side so this was a new view of the lake for me.  The Half Marathon starts in town and ends at the camp.  The 10k is an out and back route starting and ending at the camp.

the 10K route

I arrived early (and it still wasn’t raining but it looked like it had rained) and immediately bumped into Christine, a law professor whom I work with.  It’s nice to see a familiar face at a race. 

The course is beautiful (nice views of the lake) but it is HILLY… rolling hills and at some points they resembled mountains.  This was definitely the hardest course I have ever run.

No flat parts!

I started running up the hills during mile 1.  Then I got worried that I would die so I walked up several of the steeps during the first half.  There were 2 water stops each way & I walked through those as well.

Though it wasn’t a big race, you got to see the fast half marathoners go by and run along side the slower ones. 

hills and more hills

The second half, I walked up 2 of the hills but tried to run more.  My ankle didn’t really start to hurt until mile 5 and I didn’t feel as tired as I thought I would (considering my injury and my lack of long runs).

It never rained (though everyone looked drenched from the humidity). The sun never came out either.

I crossed the finish line at 1:09:07.  A PR!! (Of course, it was my first 10K.)

everyone got a medal.

Christine was waiting for me and we headed to the food line…a barbecue with hotdogs, chicken, baked beans, cole slaw, pasta salad, watermelon.  YUM!!

We waited for the awards.  We both came in 2nd in our age group (but they only gave out prizes for 1st).

My hubby was on our boat.  I debated going up but it looked like rain so I stopped at the outlets instead.  I was right because the skies opened up and it rained on and off for the rest of the afternoon and then the sun came out.

I never posted my goals because I wasn’t even sure that I would run this race.  But here they are:

  • Not finish last
  • Beat my practice 10k time (1:16:00)
  • Beat half my PR half marathon time (1:11:18)
  • Finish wanting to do another 10K

Woo Hoo!  I met all my goals. I’m pretty pleased! (I left my camera home…hopefully the photographer got a picture of me.)


Happy Running!  Did you race this weekend?

8 thoughts on “Camp Chingachgook Challenge 10k Race Report

  1. Congratulations on handling those hills and achieving all your goals, especially the one about wanting to do another 10k!
    No races for me this weekend, as I’m slowly working towards my first 5k in a long time!


  2. Glad you met all your goals. What a pity for the second place ….. you have lost the first for less than 2 minutes!
    Scary path with only uphill and downhill, not the best for a former injured runner. Congrats!!!!


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