Freihofer’s Run for Women Un-Race Report

I got a medal

Obviously not a PR…but this medal is meaningful in a different way.

On Dec 29, 2011, I thought I may not ever run again.

Today, I know I will but I am not sure how fast I will get or how long a distance I will run

But it’s okay.  I definitely appreciate being able to run a lot more.

My new favorite quote:

I made a pact with myself to never complain about an event I’ve successfully finished. No matter what my finish time or pace, I will cross the line with a pocket full of gratitude. Records are meant to be broken, but those moments are far and few between. Every adventure offers an opportunity to evolve, explore, and celebrate life. And that is the gift that keeps on giving.  — Jenny Hadfield

So now about the race.

Yesterday, I took my daily lunch walk to pick up my bib, tee-shirt (& goodies – loaf of bread, box of cookies, lots of free samples). It’s about a 5k there and back.  However, going back is UPHILL.

It was tough; my ankle HURT and I wondered how would I do this race.  Why was I doing this race??

I woke up early today to RAIN!!  I toyed with not going since I wasn’t racing anyway and walking in the rain would take twice as long.

But I put on pants over my skirt, grabbed a jacket and umbrella and drove to work.

The rain let up a little and the walk to race was a good warm up for my ankle.

this year’s banner along the route

I love the ENERGY of this race!! All women! Elites and first timers! 

As I approached the race start, I knew I made the right decision to WALK this race.

I bumped to many people I knew…and finally some of the SRMs for our photo shoot.

some of the group

It was now drizzling but looked like it would rain at any moment.  I decided to hide my pants & umbrella but tie my jacket around my waist & wear the cap. (It was very HUMID so I should have left the jacket behind too.)

I squeezed in with the other YELLOWs (though I thought that I should go to the end with the walkers but it was too far to walk!)

view from above

As soon as the gun went off, off I ran.

Yes, I ran!

I ran up the hill.  I kept running and running and running.

I cautioned myself to go slow so that I would be able to finish the race.

Everyone was running.  I felt that if I stopped to walk, I would be trampled.  Yes, runners were passing me but for the most part I was keeping up at my slow pace.

There were timers at every mile and every K.  I left my Garmin home (not on purpose – I forgot it.) My pace was consistently between 11-12 min/mile…I was happy and I was not struggling to run at that pace.   My ankle did not hurt.

I stopped at both water stops to walk not because I had to but because I was thirsty and felt I should walk some.

As we approached the end…it was downhill.  I slowed as to not FALL and then I sprinted (yes sprinted) across the finish line.

I had TEARS in my eyes.  The last time I felt like this was after my FIRST HALF.

5th FRW

I’m not sure what the chip time was but the gun time was 35:xx.  I far exceeded all my goals!!!!!!

It is my second slowest 5K time (my first 5k was my slowest) but I am SO HAPPY!!!!!!

As soon I finished, it started to rain.

I have to admit, that my ankle really hurt afterwards.  I struggled to walk back to my car.

It was worth it. 

So it seems that the cure for a stiff weak ankle is a RACE!!

Happy Running!  Enjoy your weekend!

17 thoughts on “Freihofer’s Run for Women Un-Race Report

  1. That is wonderful. I met you at last year’s Run off That Turkey Trot and have been reading your blog. God bless and good luck. Now, take a few days off running on that ankle. I know it will be tough, I’ve been there before, although not nearly as bad as what happened to you. Please don’t rush in and hurt yourself again.


  2. The rain had respect. A lot of congrats. I am so happy for you.
    My first race after the injury and the operations was a 3 k with the finishing time of 19.45; as you can see the speed is not important at all.


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