Race Superlatives

Thanks to Jen from Jen is Green for this idea.  I’ve run a total of 72 races, with race recaps for ALL of them. 

**Most Fun Race — Mother’s Day Race


This race is close to home and always on or around my birthday. It’s all women and I always run it with friends.  They also give out awesome pre-race swag – hat, tote bag, lunch bag, back pack, etc. One year, we even got a red rose.

**Most Difficult Race — Fall Foliage Half Marathon

I ran this race last October on a whim.  I wanted to use it as a training run for my half in November.  It was the first annual so there were no reviews.  And it was so HILLY!!! I mean steep hills.  I was not prepared and I could barely walk for several days after.

**Most Scenic Race — Naples News Half Marathon


Palm trees, Gulf of Mexico, beaches, yachts, mansions…what can I say?  It was awesome! 

**Most Boring Race — HMRRC Winter Series #1 (3m)


This series occurs several times during the winter and there are different distances to choose from each time. You run around the State Office campus and the longer the distance the more times you loop.  Concrete…concrete!  The most boring course ever but it is FREE!

**Best Post Race Party — Adirondack Half Marathon

There was entertainment, lots of food (even ice cream) and best of all, Schroon Lake to soak your aching feet with (with friends.)

**Most “Nostalgic” Race — Freihofer’s Run for Women 5k


I never thought I would run this race.  I was always envious of women that could.  After I joined the No Boundaries program, my friends and I decided to do it (even though we had never run 3 miles).  I have done it every year since. 

**Best “Feeling of Accomplishment” Race — Naples News Half Marathon


After running 5ks for 3 years, I never thought I could run 13.1 miles!!  Even as I was standing  at the starting line with tears in my eyes, I was doubtful.  Then at Mile 10, I called my hubby and said “I feel good!”  I knew I would finish… the best feeling EVER!

So that’s it.

I hope to add even MORE races to my list … hopefully.

Happy Running!  Feel free to make a similar list and share on your blog.

2 thoughts on “Race Superlatives

  1. l love this post. I am going to copy it at some point. I was just cleaning my starred items and found an old one you tagged me in I never did. Sorry. It is still there waiting.

    Getting out last night looked like fun. You are like my daughter and don’t let the crutches/injury beat you!


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