2 (or more) for Tuesday

  1. Yesterday I was supposed to have PT guy#1 (whom I Like) but had PT girl.  For some reason, I don’t have positive sessions with her.  When she does the massage, it REALLY HURTS!! She gives negative vibes like it seems to be not healing… PT guy #1 stopped to inquire about my running experiment and when I explained about Day#2 being better, he wasn’t a fan of running 2 days in a row!!  He was happy that it didn’t hurt but cautioned me not to run again until today!
  2. So I ran today!  I forgot how much I like running in the morning before work!!!!! So I stretched and walked a 1/2 mile and then slowing ran 2 1/2 miles!!!  No pain at all in the heel…but I got a pain on the outside of the ankle (I think I’ve had that pain before but it quickly disappeared) so I stopped and iced it. 

My Internet research has turned up Peroneal Tendonitis…  I’m not going to freak out… doctors & pts must know what they are doing, right?

Fortunately (or unfortunately), the exercises for that are the same as for Achilles Tendonitis

I plan to rest tomorrow and try again on Thursday…keep your fingers crossed!

Happy Running!

2 thoughts on “2 (or more) for Tuesday

  1. Good to hear yesterday’s run was painless too.

    Since the introduction of internet we intend to look up way too much and draw our own conclusion what’s wrong with us. I do that too. But you say it yourself: the doctors & PT’s know what they do.


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