Welcome May!!

Rainy April is over tomorrow! YAY!!

Here’s the recap:

My Goals for April were:

  • 80 miles  SUCCESS– I ran 83 miles!
  • a 5 mi race (my first) – SUCCESS ! (My longest non-walking run so far.)
  • Run my 2nd Half Marathon!!! – SUCCESS – It was cold and raining and I had a PR and won 2nd in my AG award

I also ran in 3 virtual races, won a case of Honey Milk and a My Run headband. I did yoga almost every Wed and played tennis 1-2x per week.

Now it’s time for May Flowers and my Birthday!!! And my annual spring tennis trip with the girls to Naples, Florida!!!

Goals for May!

  • 60 miles (hm training is over)
  • running 3-4 times per week (hm training is over)
  • a 5k race (finishing under 30 min. – hm training is over)

Yes, the consistent message is that my half marathon training is over for 2 months and I can run for pleasure and I can work on 5K speed.

Happy Running! Did I tell you my birthday is May 9?

4 thoughts on “Welcome May!!

  1. We both have our birthday in May, mine is on the 22nd.

    Isn’t it fun to focus on just running or shorter runs now half marathon training is over. That’s what I’m doing in May too.


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