Back to 5Ks

Since last October, I have been training for 2 half marathons.  That means distance not speed.  I never thought I’d like it but I do. This comes from someone who has run about 50 5k races and said she would never run farther.

Since last October, I have only run five 5ks:

  • 11-11 -Valatie Veteran’s Run – 28:59
  • 11-25 -Bethlehem Towne Turkey Trot – 27:30 PR
  • 12-4 -Jungle Bell Run – 29:31
  • 12-18 -Albany Last Run 5K – 29:15
  • 3-26 -Run 4 Your Life 5k – 29:22

Look what’s coming:

  • 5-1 – Sean’s Run 5k – TOMORROW!!!
  • 5-8 -Mother’s Day 5K
  • 5-19 -CDPHP Workforce Challenge 3.5 m
  • 5-22 -SPAC Rock & Run 5K
  • 6-4 -Freihofers Run for Women 5k
  • 6-11 -Kinderhook OK 5K
  • 7-23 -Silks & Satins 5K*
  • 8-13 -Jailhouse Rock 5K*
  • Fasig Tipton 5K*
  • 9-10 –CRSS 5K*
  • 9-15 Schenectady ARC 5K*

*Then it’s back to half marathon training for my third on 9/25 and fourth on 11/6.

So how do I adjust?  How do I not succumb to PR pressure?

Happy Running! Good Luck to all those racing this weekend!

4 thoughts on “Back to 5Ks

  1. When you do the Adirondack Half in the fall will you stay overnight or drive down that morning? Are there hotels that you would recommend? I am seriously considering that one as my marathon. I don’t feel like driving to Mt. Desert Island, can’t get excited for it. I like the idea of this one. They are both hilly, challenging and scenic. I also saw that that 10 mile one you sent me is in Runner’s World. I wish you knew if you were doing it. There is also a 10 mile race that weekend close to home so I should think about gas and do that one. Hate having money enter into it but that is reality. I am going to try to get you to Vermont for one race this summer. If I am around (don’t know my travel schedule yet) I will bug you about Stowe 8 Miler. Great great race.


  2. Have fun on the 5K tomorrow. I was all about half marathons at the beginning of the year, but I’m coming back down to shorter distances for a while too.


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