Half Marathon Goals

Why I was super psyched for my first half marathon:

  • It was my first!!!!!!
  • It was my longest race over 5k!!
  • It took place in Florida.
  • It was in a warm climate during a very cold winter.
  • It was so easy to plan my race outfit.
  • It is a flat course!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It was in Naples, my favorite tennis vacation spot!
  • It was scheduled on my wedding anniversary!
  • My hubby would be waiting at the finish line.
  • It could be combined with a vacation (& my hubby’s trip to visit his sister).
  • The race was followed by relaxing on the beach!
  • I didn’t tell anyone  I was running a half marathon (except bloggers) so no expectations.
  • I didn’t care about my time (unless it was over 2:45)
  • I just wanted to finish strong & get a medal!!

I am happy!!!

Why I am NOT super psyched for my 2nd half marathon:

  • It is NOT my first!!!!!!
  • I have already raced longer than 5K:  4 miles, 5 miles and 13.1
  • It is almost local.
  • It has been a cold, windy cloudy spring.
  • I cannot decide what  to wear.
  • My hubby cannot come.
  • My Lake George friends are still in Florida.
  • My running buddy who talked me into this race is injured and cannot run.
  • It is not flat.
  • What if it rains – I’ve never run in the ran, never raced in the rain (and I don’t want to)
  • My feet hurt…
  • I should try to PR.  PRESSURE!

Why I am going to GET PSYCHED for my 2nd half marathon:

  • It ‘s my second!!
  • I love racing!
  • I love Lake George!!
  • I know 2 or 3 women who are racing it.
  • I will meet some new DMers there.
  • The outlets are nearby.
  • There’s a 4 hour time limit. (No pressure)
  • I don’t have to PR. (I will have more chances to PR – Sept 25, Nov 6…)
  • I will get a medal!!

Happy Me!!

So here are my GOALS:
A – PR – faster than 2:28 (ot) or 2:26 (gt)
B – faster than 2:45
C – finish strong and have fun

Happy Running!

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