Friday and Race Fever

I think all this Boston talk is getting me anxious to race. (Not Boston!)

I was supposed to play in a tennis match tomorrow but I got bumped.  Then I was supposed to take my mentee’s son Easter egg hunting but she has to work.  So I am free to do my LAST LONG RUN.

This week’s running report card:

  • 3 miles squeezed in before tennis on Tues – fair
  • 3 miles squeezed in on the treadmill before a meeting on Wed – bad
  • 4.5 miles in the middle of a work party(I went to the party, left to run & then returned for food & drink) – good
  • I booked a flight to LA for Nov 4 (I guess I’m running half marathon #4 on Nov6!!!!)

Do I want to run a race tomorrow??

5K Trail Race




5k and/or 10K Race


Happy Running (or Racing!)

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