Brain Exchange #20 & Monday Goals

This Week’s Question: How do you manage diet and exercise during the holidays?


I basically continue my usual running schedule.  I try not indulge other than at the  Parties – I have 7 holiday celebrations and 2 birthdays. YIKES!!

Recap of  last week:
My weekly goal was 18 miles. I did 18 miles! Yay!
I ran a 5K and had a PR!! WooHoo!

This week’s schedule:
Mon – tennis after work
Tues – tennis after work
Fri  – work  Xmas Party
Sun – NYC

This week’s running:
Tues– 3 miles before work
Wed – 4 miles after work
Thurs – 3 miles after work
Sat– 5K race + 6 miles

Weekly Running Goal = 19 miles
November Monthly Running Goal = 65 miles, a 5k race, a PR
Yearly Running Goal = 300 miles ( I passed it, I even passed 500 – New Goal is 600)

Happy Running!

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