Our Towne Bethlehem Turkey Trot Race Report – PR Baby!!

 Bethlehem Turkey Trot

I’ve always wanted to do the Turkey Trot in Troy but the thought of fighting the crowds of 600o racers has deterred me.  Last year I did the Cardiac Classic in Schenectady and was going to run it again until this race was announced.  It is in my town so no traveling.

Several of my friends – John, Pat, MaryPat were going to run with me so it would be fun.

I ran 4 times last week in Florida but since there wasn’t much time before or after tennis, I only ran 3 miles.  I also ran 3 miles before work on Tuesday.  I had been increasing my distance to 4 miles during the week & 7-9 on the weekend so vacation has set me back a bit.

I was hoping I would do as well as my last 5k which was under 29 minutes or at least under 30 minutes.

Since this was a first of this race, I had no idea what kind of course it would be and I also knew it would be COLD (cloudy & 28 degrees!) !!! I hate the cold!!!!!!!

So I bundled up with tights, turtleneck, jacket, gloves, headband… and arrived early to register.

unhappy about the cold

Lucky I did get there 45 min early because I was one of the last to register before they closed it.  I was so surprised that close 2000 showed up for a first annual race.

I stayed warm in my car until the race began.

I started up front because I hate to lose time and they were no timing chips.

I must say that I was cold the whole race and my hands were numb even with gloves!!

The course was flat and I felt good the whole race.  I had no idea about my time so I just ran to finish.

I got to the finish line to see 27:12!!1 I was so happy!! There was a crowd at the end and I couldn’t figure out where to go so I just stood there.  Finally they pointed to an outside lane.  I have no idea if I crossed the finish line and what time it recorded.

Bethlehem Turkey Trot 

(Official time listed as 27:30 ! BUTDue to the overwhelming response to this event, and the inexperience and confusion of many of the finishers with a multiple chute scoring system, the results beyond the 500th position are not available.”) Interesting? 

But I have a PR!!! YAY!  Extra dessert for me today!

I hung around waiting for my friends Pat & John to cross.  Pat has just returned to running and I’m so happy! They finished close to 40 min but I ran with them encouraging Pat across the finish line!!

I hung around with some other avid 5k racers I know.  One woman who is 60 has run 25 races and won her AG in 20 – she’s an addict like me.

They gave out trophies to the lst place in each 10 year age group.  The winner in my AG finished in 23 min – DARN! I thought I had a chance since the elites were at the Troy race.

After the race, I went home to relax.  I am not cooking this year!!!!!!!!!!  Me & my hubby are going out to a friend’s for dinner and then stopping off at his mom’s for dessert.

Happy Running and Happy Thanksgiving!

7 thoughts on “Our Towne Bethlehem Turkey Trot Race Report – PR Baby!!

  1. Congrats on your new PR, awesome time!

    We are having about the same temperatures right now but I don’t mind too much about it. I prefer cold weather above hot weather anyway.

    It’s fun to see all over blogland how everybody has been active yesterday.


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