Brain Exchange #19 & Monday Goals

This Week’s Question: In the spirit of Thanksgiving…tell me what you are most thankful for; one thing, five things, or many things.  But here’s the fun part…tell me, in photos!


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Recap of  last week:
My weekly goal was 15 miles. I did 12 miles! (and I was on vacation)
I had a great vacation in Naples, Florida – played tennis for 5 days (3 hrs each day),  ran 4 times, saw 3 sunsets!!!

This week’s schedule:
Mon – tennis after work
Tues – tennis after work
Thurs – Thanksgiving
Fri  – time w/mentee &  Mah Jongg

This week’s running:
Tues– 3 miles before work
Thurs – 5K Race
Fri – 3 miles
Sun  –  9  miles

Weekly Running Goal = 18 miles
November Monthly Running Goal = 65 miles, a 5k race, a PR
Yearly Running Goal = 300 miles ( I passed it, I even passed 500 – New Goal is 600)
Happy Running!


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