Brain Exchange Week 17 and Monday Goals

This week’s  Question:
Where was the best place you have ever raced and why?  Where is your dream place to race?

I’ve only done 5ks at this point but my favorite place is race is Saratoga.  The State Park is beautiful.  I’ve run several races there.  The horse race track is very famous and the old mansions in the city are beautiful.

Silks & Satins with AJH

I also really enjoyed my 2008 Boilermaker experience.  It is a very famous race and although, I ran the 5k not the 15k, it was fun being in the midst of the festive atmosphere – the music, the beer, the food, etc.  This was the race that FleetFeet Albany’s No Boundaries program was training us for and they rented a bus for us, had a pasta party the nite before, etc.

 Dream race – I’m hoping to run a half marathon some day in another state maybe Florida. I love the warm weather.

me approaching the finish line at the Boilermaker


Recap of  last week:
My weekly goal was 20 miles. I did 21 miles! Woo Hoo!

This week’s BUSY schedule:
Mon – tennis after work
Tues – tennis after work
Wed – dinner w/friends
Fri eve – Mah Jong
Sat – hair appt
Sun – leave on vacation

This week’s running:
Tues– 3 miles before work
Thurs – 5K Race
Sat –  9  miles

Weekly Running Goal = 15 miles
November Monthly Running Goal = 65 miles, a 5k race, a PR
Yearly Running Goal = 300 miles ( I passed it, I even passed 500 – New Goal is 600)
Happy Running!


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