Happy Hump Day

Gee, this week is speeding by!

I have a 5K this Saturday!  After last week’s lack of running, I planned to run more so I could maybe PR!


Monday after work, I had team tennis practice.  Yesterday, I played tennis after work.  Today, I have a team tennis lesson after work. Tomorrow I play tennis before work.

Yes, tennis has overshadowed running until after Sectionals and if we win, til after Nationals.

And then, there’s Amanda, my mentee – Sunday at the lake, Mon am – road test, Thursday – Funplex…

Amanda & Richard on our boat

And then, there’s my Mah Jongg friends (They want to play 2x this week) and my hubby and my JOB!

How’s a girl supposed to find time to run??? If I don’t run, my 5k race time will SUCK!

I’m doing my best — Yesterday after 2 hours of tennis, I ran 3 miles (in the almost dark).  This morning before work, I squeezed in another 2 miles. I may even run some more Friday before work (though I don’t usually run the day before a race.)

Goals for this Saturday’s 5K:

A – PR
B – under 30 minutes
C- faster than last year’s (31:04)
D- win my age group
E – finish

Happy Running!

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