I Ran! I Ran Twice!

the PT treadmill is now my friend

This is exciting! But I’m not getting too excited.

My ankle is still stiff, it hurts and it swells throughout the day but my PT guy J who said I couldn’t run for 6 mos (which would be not until the end of June) told me to get on the treadmill on Monday.  (He may have been tired of  me repeatedly asking when I can run.)

This happened after the hot whirlpool, the usual stretching exercises, drills, machines, ladder, etc.

I was nervous…I whined that I was not ready… I wasn’t sure at all that I remembered how…but I did what I was told to.

I walked for one minute (3.5 mph), then I ran for one minute (4 mph) for a total of 10 minutes!!!

It was weird…it was hard to get a rythmn…I tried not to limp (I used the Black Knight’s suggestion of saying 1…2..1…2).  But I ran!

PT guy J cautioned me not to try this at home… (I obeyed!)

Then again yesterday, the same thing happened at PT but I did it for 12 minutes (increased my running speed to 4.8 mph).

So I have run twice!!!

Again PT guy J warned me not to try this at home… (I will obey…for now!)

When I asked:  “When will my ankle stop being so stiff?” He said that it is a hinge joint & I had a serious injury so a long time.  When I asked: “How long will it take to be able to run correctly & get some rhythm?”  He said that it will take many months…

I go back to ortho on Monday.  PT guy J said not to tell him that I am running…

This is my happy (will run again) face


Happy Running! Thanks for sticking around.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

I was pretty psyched after my ladder drills at PT on Monday.

Yesterday I had PT guy R. He is the gentler, more cautious one who doesn’t push me as hard.

He asked me how my ankle felt after J’s ladder drills and I said “Fine.”  So he gave me some hoop drills to do.

It involved jumping in and out of the hoops on BOTH feet.  Definitely a reality check.  Very difficult for me to do …I put most of my weight on the uninjured foot when I land.  It is very hard for me to lift off of both feet. I also realized that is because I cannot hop with my injured foot. 

In other words, not moving as quickly to running as I thought.

So again R & I had the talk about whether or not I’ll ever run again.  He thinks yes (but won’t promise that it will be fast or long).  He says I am doing extremely well but that it is a long slow process.

We ended the session with 20 minutes on the treadmill (at less of an incline than usual).

The glass is half full…he said that next week after doing the ladder drills again, he may start me running A LITTLE on the treadmill.

On an unrelated note…Have you seen the new Nike commercial – I Will Run to You?  If  not, click HERE.

It’s great..the girl runs across the country to meet her guy.  The guy tries running to her but ends up in the hospital.


Do you notice how we BOTH wear a running skirt over our capris?? (I do it to hide my fat thighs.  That is obviously not her problem LOL) 

Happy Running!  Have a great weekend!

Tuesday Update and the Ladder

The weekend was filled with LOTS OF EATING!!! Passover Seders and Easter dinner at my MIL.

Italian pastries, my downfall (obviously not observing the Passover no flour rule)

In the past, I could justify the extra food (and desserts) by my running mileage! 

Not this year….

I did walk on the treadmill and I did go for a bike ride (solo on the Corning trail).   Here are some of the things I witnessed on my ride:

green grass & a runner

Hudson River & a fisherman

a goose crossing the road

The calories burned are not the same.

Oh well…I’m not stressing.  I think I have gained some weight but not a lot (cuz I can still fit into my clothes.)

This is week 8 of PT.

Usually at the end of my PT sessions, a local HS track team uses the facilities.  The kids do these ladder drills that make me drool.  I always joke about wanting to be able to do them.

So yesterday PT guy J took out the ladder.  I said “Are you serious?  I’m not ready to do that!”

Well, he had me do a variety of drills and it was hard at first but little by little I was able to get faster and pick my feet up higher.

That was follwed by the ellipical (with resistance for the first time) and then the treadmill.

It’s not running but it sure felt good. 

Happy Running!  Are you working off Easter eating?


March Goals:

  • Continue PT. CHECK! 2x/wk
  • Do exercises on my own, as well. CHECK! 2x/day
  • Start using exercise bike at work. CHECK! 1x/day
  • Walk with less of a limp. CHECK!
  • Lose that darn BOOT! CHECK! (didn’t really lose it, just don’t wear it!)
  • Burn those crutches! CHECK! (didn’t really burn them, just don’t need them!)

I am used to setting running goals – run faster, run longer, run more often…

So I set goals for March and never even looked at them.  I was just depressed about  not running.  But the good news is that I met ALL my March goals! 

That means that I should set goals for April (and even look at them after I post them.)

April Goals:

  • Continue PT 1-2x per week.
  • Do exercises on my own, as well 1-2x per day.
  • Use exercise bike and/or treadmill at work everyday
  • Go biking outdoors 1-2x per week.
  • Lose that limp.
  • Run (on the treadmill) at least a few steps.

    of running again

Happy Running!  Do you set goals?

Status Quo and a New Month

Wow — it’s April already?  Where did March go?

So here’s my March update:

  • no running hence no races.
  • no tennis so no tennis matches.
  • PT 2x a week so there a bi-weekly treadmill walks & elliptical use 2x a week.
  • stationary biking everyday and even some real biking.

This is fun but it is depressing seeing
ALL the runners on the trail…

  • limping less I think but still limited ROM and pain & swelling nightly.

Yes, PT guy R confirmed my plateauing

February was filled with big gains – weight-bearing, then bootless & crutchless events.

March is status quo.

I am hoping April brings improvement because something is wrong with my life and:

My next ortho appt is April 23 and after that,  PT guy J says I may be able to start running on the treadmill.

My New Compression Socks are anxiously waiting…

Happy Running!

Two for Tuesday: Plateaus & Chocolate

  1. A study just released showed that frequent chocolate consumption is linked to lower BMI.

Excerpt: Study participants consumed chocolate a mean 2.0 (SD, 2.5) times per week and exercised 3.6 (SD, 3.0) times per week. Frequency of chocolate consumption was associated with greater intake of calories and satfats and higher CES-D scores (P < .001 for each of these 3 associations); these all related positively to BMI. Chocolate consumption frequency was not associated with greater activity (P = .41), but it was associated with lower BMI (unadjusted P = .01). This association remained with and without adjustment for age and sex, as well as for calories, satfats, and depression.

Good News, right!

fav #1

fav #2

I’ll stop there. I’m actually not a chocoholic.  For dessert, I prefer Coffee ice cream and pies, etc.

     2.  I know there is a weight loss plateau. 

Is there a healing plateau?

If so, I think I hit it.  I went from non-weight bearing to walking with boot to walking with crutches to limping without anything (in weeks) and then lately my ankle range of motion feels the same!

I am doing my stretches everyday, riding the exercise bike, walking on the treadmill (faster & faster), doing the elliptical (longer & longer) but the ankle is still stiff and painful and I limp

Enough whining! Give me a piece of chocolate!!

Happy Running! Are you a chocoholic?

Friday Ramblings

  • 12 week report – still painful walking but PT guy thinks I’m progressing and he keeps upping my training – Wed I did 30 min on the treadmill at 3 mph 12% incline and 10 min on the elliptical (I thought I was going to die!)
  • I do 45 minutes on the exercise bike at work everyday during lunch (This way I get exercise & catch up on my iPad TV viewing.)
  • The weather has been incredible and unfortunately it looks like today is the last day before it returns to normal March weather.  After work today, I plan on going on my 3rd real bike ride.  (I bought a gel seat coverfor my aching butt.)

    same trail as Tues.

  • Yesterday I went for my 5 week hair appt – there’s always someone that comments on my injury & has a horror story – like “my mother didn’t get the hardware taken out right away & she has crippling arthritis” – I hate that!
  • I’ve been doing my grocery shopping at Target lately (they don’t everything but their sale prices are great and I find things that I can’t anywhere else).  My latest fav is:

I tried the pumpkin spice so far and it is delish and cheaper than Starbucks.

  • I just tried FaceTime for the first time (Skype for macs/ iphone/iPad users).  I used it with my friend who just moved to Florida.  It was great (almost like being together in the flesh.)
  • I am looking forward to going to the movies hopefully this weekend:

    Katniss in Hunger Games

Happy Running! Are you a Hunger Games fan?


All’s Well That Ends Well

I gave him two...

Yesterday I went for my 10 week check-up. Things started poorly and I started to get fearful about the results of my visit.

  • I left work early to go to my orthopedic and they had no record of my appointment anywhere in the computer.  Luckily, I had my appt card so they agreed to squeeze me in.
  • Finally the nurse came to get me in the waiting room and said in a nasty tone, “Where are your crutches?” I said that I didn’t need them. Then she asked, “Where is your boot?” I said that I wasn’t wearing it any more.  She looked at my folder and said nothing.
  • When the doctor came in,  he said “Are we here to talk about your 12 week removal of the screws?”  I replied in a shocked tone, “I don’t think so…but you tell me.”
  • Then he said, you need to go get x-rays.  And the nurse escorted me to the x-ray area where I got x-rays.
  • The nurse then came back and said “Why don’t you hobble back to the examination room and wait for the doctor.” Let’s just say I was trying to impress them with my best non-limping walk… (Did she have to say “hobble?”)

Thank God, things improved after that.

  • The doctor looked at my x-rays and realized that he didn’t put in the long cross screws like he usually does and I don’t need them taken out at 12 weeks – PHEW!
  • He said that everything looks great – the bones, ligaments, tendons, cartilage spaces, etc, etc.
  • We talked about how I was doing & what I was doing… he said the swelling was normal and it will be swollen for a year.  He recommended wearing support stockings, elevation, icing and NOT OVER DOING!
  • He said the range of motion will come back and that he was impressed on how well I was doing…much better than he expected at this point…better than most with this injury!  YAY!
  • He cautioned me not to rush things (Patience is not my strong suit.) and stay out of the sun (SPF 80-100) and massage the incisions to help the scarring and nerve endings rebuild.
  • He wrote a script for 4 more weeks of PT cuz I said it helped.
  • He asked what the PT guy thought… I said that he was encouraged with the degree of side to side range of motion (which he thought would not come back this quickly) but that I couldn’t run for 6 months.
  • Here’s the good part.  The doctor said, “You won’t have to wait that long… Start cranking up that treadmill…but don’t run outside for a while yet.”

Next visit is in 6 weeks.  If those x-rays are good, he’ll release me until 9 months out when he’ll decide if all the hardware needs to come out.

I’m trying not to get too excited but I swear my ankle has more movement today… (probably in my head)

Happy Running!

Running Update

Yes, I am wearing a running shoe & a compression sock at work today.

So I am still a runner…ha ha…even if I can’t run.


  • I am working on the swelling…ice..ice..compression socks
  • I am NOT using the BOOT.
  • I am NOT using my crutches. (I still bring one along just in case)
  • I am walking slowly with a limp… hopefully limping less (it’s hard when you don’t have much movement in the ankle yet.)
  • At PT, I did level 4 on the bike and even did hills!
  • I went to TARGET and shopped (shopping cart can be used as a walker!)..I went for socks and bought everything but.
  • I met my running buddy Mary at Starbucks…haven’t seen her since the injury.  We talked running, of course.

Me & Mary - the healthy days

Happy Running! How was your weekend?