I Ran! I Ran Twice!

the PT treadmill is now my friend

This is exciting! But I’m not getting too excited.

My ankle is still stiff, it hurts and it swells throughout the day but my PT guy J who said I couldn’t run for 6 mos (which would be not until the end of June) told me to get on the treadmill on Monday.  (He may have been tired of  me repeatedly asking when I can run.)

This happened after the hot whirlpool, the usual stretching exercises, drills, machines, ladder, etc.

I was nervous…I whined that I was not ready… I wasn’t sure at all that I remembered how…but I did what I was told to.

I walked for one minute (3.5 mph), then I ran for one minute (4 mph) for a total of 10 minutes!!!

It was weird…it was hard to get a rythmn…I tried not to limp (I used the Black Knight’s suggestion of saying 1…2..1…2).  But I ran!

PT guy J cautioned me not to try this at home… (I obeyed!)

Then again yesterday, the same thing happened at PT but I did it for 12 minutes (increased my running speed to 4.8 mph).

So I have run twice!!!

Again PT guy J warned me not to try this at home… (I will obey…for now!)

When I asked:  “When will my ankle stop being so stiff?” He said that it is a hinge joint & I had a serious injury so a long time.  When I asked: “How long will it take to be able to run correctly & get some rhythm?”  He said that it will take many months…

I go back to ortho on Monday.  PT guy J said not to tell him that I am running…

This is my happy (will run again) face


Happy Running! Thanks for sticking around.

6 thoughts on “I Ran! I Ran Twice!

  1. Wow, your PT J sure is smart! He knows how much you love running and he found just the right alternative. It’s not as great as when you’re running outside, but it’s the closest thing. Congrats on running twice. Oh, don’t get over excited okay? Please obey him… we don’t want you getting anymore injuries. Just enjoy everything for a while.

    We’ll be waiting for you until you can start doing some marathon training programs again! Cheers!


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