Other runners are always inspiring me.

I never thought that I would inspire someone else.

But I have, I think.

I have been playing Mah Jongg for 5 years.  I am the only runner in the group. (There are 8-12 of us… many do play tennis.)

We play on Friday nights.  Usually on Saturday, I either have a long run or a race.  That means I don’t drink and sometimes I even leave early.

My Mah Jongg friends always pretend to be interested in my running and races.  But I know they think I am crazy.

Then last week, Natalie, says during Mah Jongg game:  “I think I want to start running.”

Natalie is in the middle in both pictures:

I am thrilled and tell her about No Boundaries and how I started running. I offer to help her train and/or run  with her.

at the Freihofer’s in 2008 – my NoBo mentor is on the left

Then on Facebook, there was a post from FleetFeet about signing up for the spring No Boundaries program. So I told Natalie about it.

Look at the email I just got:


I signed up for FleetFeet yesterday….very excited.


I’m excited too.

She starts the program April 7 and her first 5K is June 21. (I’ll keep you posted on her progress.)

So maybe I inspired her.

It will be fun to have another runner in our mah jongg group.

Happy Running! Have you even inspired someone to start running.


Monday Brain Exchange #3 on Tuesday

Topic: Training Visit OneLittleTriGirl to participate.

Question: How do you train?  Do you use a schedule, have a coach or go with the flow?  Do you train alone or with group?

Two years ago when I first started running, I joined No Boundaries and ran with that group every Monday and participated in a group run at FleetFeet on Thursdays.  On the weekend, I ran by myself.  NoBoundaries gave us a 14 week schedule with the goal of being able to run a 5k. They also provided us with mentors (running coaches) who gave us helpful tips about running and motivated us. After the program ended,  I continued to run three times a week and compete in 5k races almost every weekend until the cold weather came. Then I quit.

Last year, I started up again in the spring.  I ran  by myself 3 times  a week, usually 2 miles or so at each outing and entered 5k races on the weekend.  This time, I joined a gym and ran on the treadmill throughout the winter.  I usually ran 3 times a week – 2-3 miles each time.

This spring, since I ran all winter,  I decided to increase my distance and my running frequency.  I have been running longer distances.  Sometimes I run 4 miles and even 5 miles.  I also run more often. I am more disciplined about planning my mileage and my schedule.  Every Monday, I look at my schedule (work, tennis, family, etc.) and plan my running.  I usually run alone.  Fellow blogger, The Happy Runner, started a running group for beginning runners and I have joined them on their group runs (We have done 3 already). I really enjoy running with someone else.  I motivates me not to stop when I get tired.  I also keep a more consistent pace when I talk & run.

Happy Running!

The Utica Boilermaker

Kind of a let down… I was sick in bed with a migraine and throwing up ALL DAY Saturday (no carb loading for me). 

Sunday I was determined to run anyway.  I had to get up at the unGodly time of 3 am.  It was raining when the bus got to Utica  but it stopped by the time the race began.

I felt sick, my headache returned but I gave it a shot and ran the whole thing!!! I knew it was not one of my best races but I am glad I did it.

Boilermaker 5k Run

The Boilermaker Race pretty much focused its attention on the 15K race.  There were 12000 doing that one (including the Governor) and only 1800 doing the 5K  so not much was happening when we ran.  The good part was that we didn’t have to wait in line to get food or fight the crowds.

We waited around for almost 4 hours to leave which was pretty boring.  Next time I’d like to drive on my own.  I wish I was able to run the 15K.  That one seemed to be so much more exciting!

The mentors at Fleet Feet were so proud of us.  I am glad I did it.  For me, I surprised myself in running a 5k in April and then 3 more since so the Boilkermaker which was supposed to be my first 5K was not.  Unfortunately because of how I felf physically, it was not even my best.

I plan to continue running and continue entering 5K races to stay focused.  Sept 7 is the Brueggers Bagel run, Oct 4 is the Susan G. Komen and in November there is the Turkey Trot.

Less than a week to go…

Last night was our last No Boundaries class.  We got all our instructions for Sunday’s race:

  • bring ID
  • wear your No Boundaries shirt
  • be at Fleet Feet at 4:15 am!!!! (Bus leaves at 4:30 am.)

They are also throwing us a Pasta Party Friday evening (I unfortunately have a birthday party to go to).

For our last training run, we did the outer loop like last week.  It was very hot and humid but I did it like I usually do (walking too much during the last mile).  I know I will do better in a real race.

Getting Ready for the Big One

Though our No Boundaries group seem to be shrinking, the ones that come on Mondays are dedicated and supportive esp the coaches.

Before the big race

Our threesome (Pat, MaryPat & I) was together for the first time in a long time.  We did the outer loop of the Crossings which is a little over 3 miles.

I ran most of the first 2 miles and ran/walked the rest.

Back to Running Class

I haven’t been to class in 2 weeks but if I am goimg to get back into running, I know I need to go.  The people there especially the coaches are very encouraging.

We ran a little over 3 miles – I walked several times during the last miles but my time wasn’t too bad.

I am glad I went.

Next week we’re supposed to do “The Ladder.”  They say it’s a fun way to work on speed.  We;ll see how much fun it is.

The Heat!!

Today the heat index was over 100 degrees and only the die hards showed up at Fleet Feet last night.  I was hoping they wouldn’t make us run 3 miles.

Armed with a water bottle, we only did the one mile loop.  Then if we wanted, we could do it again. I decided to walk the second 1 mile and some running at the end.

It was hot!!! But not so bad… preparation for the Boilmaker July 13!

Back to training :(

Lst night, Monday is our No Boundaries class and tired as usual … Many of the regulars did not show including my friends.  They told us that we would run about 3 miles but after 1.5 someone I was running with said she was taking a shortcut back cuz she was tired.  Just what I needed – an excuse to run less and I jumped at it so I only ran about 2 miles.  When I got home, I felt guilty about slacking off and ran another mile.

The Freihofer’s Race for Women was awesome!

I was a little nervous and not feeling well but I am SO glad I did it.  About 3,600 women all running together.  I can’t put the feeling into words! 


Victah Sailer & Jeff Foley /

And it wasn’t that bad.  I finished and even took 4 minutes off my first 5k that I ran a month ago. 

I was super pleased with my time — 33:29 – I finished 1996 out of over 3000 (70/150 in my age group).

 See: for the complete results and click HERE for the results with a search engine.

Is this spring?

Cold and windy – no fun to run… but we are on week 8 and our training continues.  We ran 2.5 miles (although my friends MaryPat & Pat swear it was more like 3 miles).)  My time was about 27 minutes.  The wind tires you out.

No Boundaries proposed running in The Crossings on June 15 instead of July 13 Boilermaker.

You’ve got to be kidding – there is no comparison.  My friends and I decided that we’re going to Utica, no matter what.

But I hope Fleet Feet decided to keep the bus and take us to Utica — that’s what we signed up for when we joined No Boundaries.