TT: Spring Bucket List

I know I am early with this post. I may be jumping the gun so that spring will arrive early.

A runner can dream, right?

So here’s my list:

  • Scenic Hikes (ones WITHOUT frozen anything)

It’s to be nice to leave those spikes behind and climb those fire towers again.

  • Runs without Layers (and beanies and gloves)

Won’t we all feel lighter?

  • More Local Races

Not too many races are scheduled during the winter months where I live (and even fewer due to COVID). I had to travel to Florida and NYC to run winter half marathons.

  • Flowers Blooming

With that goes more daylight hours and sunshine.

  • Annual Tennis Vacation

It may be the only occasion where I now play tennis but I enjoy getting to spend time with my life long friends.

Happy Running!! What’s on your Spring Bucket List?   Are you anxious to see winter ending or do you enjoy running in colder temps? Please share.






Since it’s Tuesday, I’m joining the link-up organized by Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner)

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29 thoughts on “TT: Spring Bucket List

  1. So many things to look forward to, Darlene!
    Does the long break from tennis affect your playing or can you just jump into the routine? (My guess is it’s like skiing – you don’t lose the skills).
    As you know, I hate winter so much that I circle around it. Are you planning to spend more time in Florida during the winter in future? I think you would enjoy it!

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    • I can jump into tennis because it’s for fun. I’m not competitive anymore. Luckily my friends don’t care if I’m a little rusty.

      I’d love to go to Florida more. But there’s work and $$. Hope to continue my Feb and May trips. Sometimes I’ve added one on Nov or Dec. we’ll see. More and more of my friends are retiring and headed south.

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  2. Even though I don’t like running in the cold, when it’s not too extreme I actually prefer it to heat & humidity. Which doesn’t mean I don’t want to ditch all the layers! I’m going to need them this morning though. Mornings can still be really cold, especially with the darn wind.

    We are really hoping to take a short vacation sometime soon, but it will probably be a last minute thing and so can’t plan for it.


  3. Well, spring officially starts this month so you’re not too early! Spring isn’t quite as exciting here in Florida because it means the end of our beautiful weather, and a long hot summer ahead of us. But that’s okay- I’ll run in any weather. I hope you get to take your layers off soon!

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  4. I’m totally looking forward to spring. I think I’m ready to get back outdoors and not depend on my treadmill so much. With the temps warming up a bit and the sun coming up earlier, I think I’m ready to hit the pavement again!

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  5. I am always impressed by how many local races you are able to participate in! Your annual tennis trip always looks fun! Nothing like a girls’ trip

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  6. I’m just looking forward to running without so many layers! I do have a few trail races and one distance race on my spring calendar. Fingers crossed I get to line up at all of them this year!

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  7. Spring may be closer than you think!
    I went for a run yesterday and timed it so I would be back before it got dark! Alas, the last 10 minutes of my run were in the dark. Didn’t realise the days are already getting shorter over here as we head into Fall.

    Races are finally starting to trickle in here! Just this week there were two advertised for April and May so I think I will finally return to racing!

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    • That’s great news about racing returning.

      We turn the clocks ahead next weekend. So more light after work. But it’s still sooo cold.


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