FFF: How Indoor Cycling Can Help Runners

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When Peleton offered a FREE two month trial, I jumped on it.  Of course, then I had to buy a stationary bike.

I bought it used on FB MarketPlace

I chose not to continue once my trial membership ended. But I still continued to use my bike on days when I do not run – so about three times a week.

and I also set up a TV so I can watch Netflix or listen to Sirius music.

Here’s FIVE reasons why:

1.To nurse injuries and to prevent future ones. 

Even if you are not injured, indoor cycling is a low-impact workout, allowing your body time to recover from hours of pounding on the pavement or on the treadmill.

You can also use the bike as a warm up or cool down before and/or after a hard run.

2. To increase overall endurance.

Because it is low impact, you can spend more time on your bike than you would running on the road. This will boost overall endurance without hurting your muscles or joints.

And you can easily change the resistance and the incline (without having to search out a hill) to intensify your workout.

3. To Build Up Other Leg Muscles.

As a runner, you might think that you already have strong hamstrings, hip flexors, and calves. Those are the muscles that runners use. But during indoor cycling, you’ll build additional quad and gluteal strength. I was surprised when I started using my bike, how tired my legs were. Then I realized that I was using new muscles for the first time.

Hopefully these biking workouts will make me a stronger runner.

4. It’s Private so you can wear as little as you want.

Yup, I’m not a heavy sweater but on the bike, I seem to sweat more.

You will never see me out running in just a sports bra but in my bedroom, alone on the bike.  YES!  Yes! So liberating!

5. To connect with virtual friends.

Every Saturday morning at 9:30 am EST, a group of runners get on their bikes and pedal and chat for 40 minutes. We even have runners from England and the Netherlands that join in.

I so enjoy our ZOOM blogger rides

Happy Running! Do you ride a indoor bike? Do you connect virtually with friends when you bike?  Do you just wear a sports bra when you ride? Any other benefits besides the ones I’ve listed? Please share.


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28 thoughts on “FFF: How Indoor Cycling Can Help Runners

  1. You said it all 🙂 I’ve been biking more in recent years, and my running has improved (better endurance & faster finish times). I don’t think that’s a coincidence. I miss our Saturday morning Zoom rides…. my weekends are getting busier with the warmer weather, so I’m probably not going to be Zooming very often…

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  2. I love stationary biking for a cool down after a run. I like it in general, but right now it seems hard to squeeze in. I would actually be really cold biking in just a bra, our downstairs stays super cool year round. If only the upstairs would.


    • Never ride after a run but I don’t run indoors. My bike is on the 2nd fl and by the heater.

      I doubt I will use again until winter. I now have a regular bike…outside riding is much more scenic.

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  3. I 100% agree that it’s a good thing, but I just hate indoor cycling! I try to avoid it at all costs… but I will do it if I’m nursing and injury. My husband rides his bike outdoors sometimes and swears that it helps his running.


  4. I go back and forth with my bike. I do like it but many times just do not make time for it. I agree that it builds additional leg muscle. My quads are usually very sore after a ride but I know eventually that will not be the case anymore.

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  6. When I seriously trained for races, I went to two spin classes per week. They definitely help with endurance and foot turnover (bike sprints) without stressing the running muscles. I love my home bike now but I don’t use it nearly enough. Ha!

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    • I like mine too. But I used it more in the winter and when IU first got it….like anything else, it’s easy to fall off the wagon.


  7. I think if I were to buy one piece of equipment it would be a bike of some kind as I do love it for cross training.
    I do some of my strength training in a sports bra for that exact reason

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