Weekly Run Down for 10.1.20-10.11.20: RnR (Race-Cation and Recovery)

I actually posted about Friday-Sunday before I left for vacation so it was guesstimate on what would happen and I was pretty accurate. lol.  But I decided to start this Run Down that Friday to give you the real story.

My vacation was amazing. I knew I enjoyed the company of my running friends but staying in the same house is a different story. This was our 4th race-cation together but usually there is a real race and we stay in a hotel. So much more relaxed without a “real” race and we got along fantastically. But “What Happens in NH, stays in NH” so I can’t give you all the details but there was a lot of laughter and we social distanced to the best of our ability…

Monday I was still in NH and Tuesday, I took the day off to recuperate from my vacation and go hiking with a good friend.

So only a Three Day Work Week! Woo Hoo!!

Wednesday, however, we had a HUGE storm and wound up losing our power… I had to actually to go work in my office to use the Internet.

Just a reminder that there’s still plenty of time to sign up if you want to join me on the Run for Ruth challenge – Click here.

I have another Virtual Half Marathon (ZOOMA Amelia Island) in a few weeks and a sorta real local one on Nov. 15. So I need to keep up that running.

The Week Before –

  • Friday – Travel Day and a rainy one. We took several cars and decided on a scenic route through Mass. The foliage was gorgeous in spite of the clouds.  We stopped for lunch in the cutest place ever with the best food (a restored farm from 1700’s)

Hilltop Cafe in Wilton, MA

We arrived at our AirBnB in Hampton Beach, NH late afternoon.  We were pleasantly surprised at how beautiful it was. The internet pix did not do it justice.  After getting settled in, we drove our race route for the next day to determine where our turn around and water stops would be and then we went out for a dusk walk on the beach.

of course, we had to do a jumping pic…and yes there was drinking and eating to be done

We ordered in pizza for dinner to carb load for our race the next day and went to bed earlyish.

  • Saturday – Race Day.  Not exactly since there was NO race and the original one was scheduled for Sunday.  But the weather was perfect so we decided to get our Virtual 13.1 done.

I got up early and went to the beach to catch the sunrise and go for a pre-race walk with Jan.

even more impressive than the pix.

I had mapped out our own race route.  6.5 miles along the ocean and then turn around and re-trace the same route.  We would start at the official start which was about 2 miles from our house.  Two from group had decided to walk the course so they left first and then the rest of the group (4) started our “race.”  One runner was not going to run but be our sherpa. We had pre-decided stops for her to drive to so we could get water and snacks.  All of the beach bathrooms were open.  The runners stayed together the whole race. Best finish line (toilet paper) ever.

and that water was COLD!!! Ice bath for the feet.

After our race, we were starved so we quickly refueled with lunch at an outdoor restaurant with an ocean view (I had a lobster roll!!) We spent the rest of the day relaxing, recovering. We did go out to dinner to celebrate at the Smuttynose Brewery (the sponsor of the “real” race) before returning home for a birthday celebration (3 b-days – a 50, 61 and 70).  In addition to the race, the BIG birthdays were the actual reason for the weekend away.

  • Sunday – Recovery morning again started with sunrise viewing on the beach followed by a walk with Jan and Chris.

yes, that’s a porno photo shoot in the top pic

Today we decided to road trip to Maine.  We walked around Ogunquit and along the Marginal Way before we had lunch (outdoor ocean view) there.

since we had not gotten race shirts, we bought matching Hampton Beach shirts

Next we drove to Wells to do a scenic hike.

at Wells Reserve at Laudholm

Finally we ended the day in York to see the Nubble Lighthouse and have ice cream.

no, not too cold for ice cream!

We opted for dinner at home instead of going to a restaurant.  Lots of snacks and alcohol left to consume.

Last Week –

  • Monday – Last day of our vacation.  Got up early with Deb and Jan to see the sunrise but it was clouded over. We came home, I had breakfast and then went for a run with Heidi.

so sad to leave my ocean views!!

We packed up our stuff and headed home. We all met up on the way for lunch in Mass (golf course outdoor restaurant with scenic views of the mountains.) Then Deidre and I ended the day with a trip to a knitting store and ice cream shop.

perfect end to a perfect trip

  • Tuesday – I took the day off from work in case I was tired.  But really, I just wanted to go hiking if the weather cooperated.  And it did. My friend chose a hike in the Catskill Mountains. She neglected to tell me she chose a “challenging one.”  And it really was.  I survived (but broke both of my NEW hiking poles. lol).  The views made it worth it.  It’s always a win-win when you emerge unhurt and want to do another.

hiking to top of Blackhead Mountain – 1,745 ft elevation gain

It took ALL day and when I got home, I forgot that it was Tuesday and I was supposed to volunteer in the STEM group walking program . Oops.

  • Wednesday – Back at work and another beautiful fall day. Luckily I decided to sneak out at lunch for a run.

yes, these legs were weary but I’m glad I dragged them through the miles…

As soon as I finished work, a surprise storm arrived and it was like Kansas in the Wizard of Oz.  We and everyone else had no power so I decided to explore a new local nature preserve.

a nice 1 mile loop that recently opened.

Still no power so I met my BFF for a walk around an outdoor mall.

  • Thursday – I woke up to no power. I took a walk to survey the damage in the neighborhood.

our house was spared. my neighbors were not as lucky.

We do have a generator but that does not give us TV or Internet.  That meant I had to go into my office to work. Not too exciting. But after work, I headed off to Tawasentha Park for our running group’s weekly trail walk. Running out of daylight so this may be our last or next to last one.

Yes, it was chilly out.  I didn’t dress for it so instead of our usual post walk ice cream, we headed to Panera’s for HOT soup.

And the power finally returned!!

  • Friday – Started the day with a short chilly but sunny run. I was back to working from home.

I remembered that I had not done my virtual 5k this week

Then the power went off AGAIN.

So I went for a walk.

still some interesting flowers in bloom

Luckily the hubby came home and hooked up the generator.  But we lost power for about 1 1/2 hours.

Normally I’d be taking a LONG walk and having snacks with my former co-workers after work but some friends organized a ZOOM memorial for our friend who died recently from cancer. So it was a rushed walk so I get home.

  • SaturdayLong Run Day.  Yes, our big race was over but I had signed up for a virtual half and then a real one. So I had to keep up my miles. We met on the rail trail. I decided to run 4 miles solo and then run more miles with the others. I stopped briefly to chat with Barbara and the the others took off walking. I had to practically sprint for 2 miles to catch up to them.  I ran 3 miles and then ran back (with some stops along the way.)  It was my my first long run without intervals and running alone since May. Quite an adjustment!!

a little chilly at first but it warmed up nicely

It wouldn’t be a long run unless we gathered for brunch after.  My hubby had been planning our last boating outing but the forecast was for wind and rain up North so he went to play tennis and I did stuff around the house (catching up from being away last weekend)

And I got to see Cari for a few minutes.  She stopped by that evening on her way to Utica.

windy hair lol but so glad to connect after 8 months

  • Sunday – Boating Sunday may now turn into Hiking Sunday. An early morning drive up to the Adirondacks. This time instead of climbing a mountain, we hiked down to some ponds (Cascade and Stephens).  The scenery was awesome.  Fall is the best time of year for hiking.

almost 10 miles of hiking but mostly flat and I crossed a stream by walking across a log (pretty scary for me)

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday –  Holiday – DAY OFF – hike or run or both
  • Tuesday – rest day, STEM walk
  • Wednesday –  run, trail walk
  • Thursday –  run, dinner out for stepson’s B-Day
  • Friday – rest day, walk with friends
  • Saturday – Virtual ZOOMA Amelia Island Half Marathon
  • Sunday –  rest day, hiking

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Happy Running! How is your running going? Any “real” races yet?  How are you embracing Fall? Any experiences with power outages? Please share.

26 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 10.1.20-10.11.20: RnR (Race-Cation and Recovery)

  1. It looks like you had a great vacation! All of my races have been canceled with no in-person races in sight. Fall in central NC always has wonderful weather as long as no hurricanes come inland. So far, we’ve just had rain from a couple of hurricanes but nothing bad at all. We tend to lose power here more from ice storms in January than anything else.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s really fantastic that you were able to have such a fun girls weekend in the midst of all of this. I so miss doing things like that w my crew. Yay for seeing Cari too. Nice you took a few days off too. Enjoy your weather!

    Liked by 1 person

    • our foliage has been nice this year. We have all been together twice a week since May. They feel like family. We were outdoors or inside with windows open…


  3. You vacation sounds like it was a lot of fun and I bet it was great to see all of your friends too. Lots of smiles and laughter is definitely something that is needed right now!

    So glad you got to see Cari this weekend too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. it looks like you had a great time! I have girlfriends I can easily spend a weekend with — it’s so nice! The beach photos are fantastic — I did miss our beach vacation this year. 😦

    How great you got to see Cari too!

    Liked by 1 person

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