Weekly Run Down for 9.7.20-9.13.20: Another Shortened Work Week and some Virtual Races

Love those 4 day work weeks. In this case, it was a Monday holiday so I thought it would be a challenge finding a hike without lots of people. But it was not 🙂

I said that I’m not a fan of virtuals and yet I completed a few this week. LOL

I usually run this as a 5k. Well, for $25, I could run both, get a mask, maybe an AG award and $10 off next year’s race. Plus support local charities. It seemed like a no brainer to sign up.

Last Week –

  • Monday – As I mentioned last week, since I had today off, I decided to sleep on our boat so I could get an early start.

First I had breakfast at the marina (see pic below for my view) and then I went for a run on my usual route.

Next on my plan was a hike.  I got some recommendations and choose Mt Severance which was about 30 minutes away. It had nice views, a big parking lot and though it was straight uphill, the trail was well marked.

At the top, there was a view of Schroon Lake (in the pic of me) and then also a view of Paradox Lake (bottom left)

Since I was nearby to Schroon Lake, I decided to stop and walk around town.  The wind had really picked up.  My hubby made the right call not to go boating today.

the waves on the lake are due to the wind. I had actually signed up to do a half here in a few weeks but of course, it is now virtual.

  • Tuesday – I was planning on a rest day. But this week was quite busy work-wise. I wasn’t able to get out for an early morning walk and I had a ZOOM scheduled for after work so I decided to run my virtual 5k during lunch.

As I mentioned last week, I have been struggling with speed. This week was even worse.  I can give a lot of excuses – tired legs from the day before, no shade, warmer, more humid yada yada.  But I got it done and I have 6 more to go.

lots of rest stops and I was dripping by the end (and I don’t sweat)

I am actually seeing my college friends more often thanks to ZOOM.

we spent our junior year in Nice, France together many many years ago

  • Wednesday – A busy work day and a rest day. I didn’t even get out for a morning or lunch walk so after work I was determined to go hiking. I decided to go visit the trails that was on the plan for the next day. There were several loops you could take but I wanted to get to the end and see French’s Hollow Falls. The trails started out with just grass and then changed to woods around the lake.  I couldn’t figure out how to get to the Falls so I just turned around and took a shorter (yet more challenging) way back.  Then I drove to the Falls.

3 miles on the Vosburgh Trails

  • Thursday – Rain was predicted for today. I had wanted to get in a run but I knew that it might not happen. It rained on and off all morning. And it was POURING at lunch. So NADA.

But it finally stopped raining by the time I ended work. For our weekly Sole Sisters after work trail walk, I suggested a new place, Vosburgh Trails (which I had previewed the day before).

we followed the trail all the way to the Falls and back (3.5 miles)

  • Friday – Rest Day Friday. Normally. But I hadn’t run the past two days.  So I decided to run during lunch since it was cool and breezy (didn’t realize until too late how humid it was).

why not do my virtual race a week early? If you are wondering…my times are getting slower not faster and I know the flower matched my shirt lol

And of course, I ended my day with my weekly walk on the rail trail with former co-workers. We walked 5.66 miles or 9.11K to honor this day!

  • SaturdayLONG RUN DAY. Today we were back on the rail trail with brunch at Emma’s. With no real races on my schedule until maybe February, I just try to connect with friends, run some miles and eat good food each weekend.

The weather was perfect for running. In fact, when I started it was chilly (in the 40s) but it quickly warmed up and I shed my gloves and arm warmers.  I ran 2 quick miles before Deirdre arrived.  Then we ran 10 miles (30:30 intervals) together. Debbie joined us for a few miles (and finally Heidi). Then they decided to add another mile. I could have quit but I figured why not just go for it.

an impromptu half marathon

I ate back all the calories burned at brunch.

I guess I could count this as my virtual race(s) too

  • Sunday – Normally Sunday is my day to go boating with the hubby provided the weather cooperates. I can’t complain because we’ve had some great boating Sundays.

our previous Sunday on Lake George

Today the weather was iffy (and my hubby had a tennis match) so we decided to skip it. I went on a hike instead.  It was great… all alone in the woods but met up with the race director from the virtual race that I did.  He remembered me since I usually run the race (and win my AG). We talked racing, of course.

100 Acre Woods Trails – a new one for me

me & the RD in 2014

I only walked about 2 miles.  Weeding was on the schedule for the afternoon and another hike.

Community Gardens Trails – decided to preview them for this coming week’s group trail walk

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday –  rest day, walk with friends
  • Tuesday –  run, STEM walk
  • Wednesday – rest day, chiro appt, trail walk
  • Thursday – run, walk with BFF
  • Friday – rest day, walk with friends
  • Saturday – LONG RUN 
  • Sunday – rest day, Boating on Lake George

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Happy Running! How is your running going? Any races yet?  Are you looking forward to Fall? Please share.

27 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 9.7.20-9.13.20: Another Shortened Work Week and some Virtual Races

  1. We have discussed going to the 100 acres woods, but from what I’ve read I don’t think it will really float Mr. Judy’s boat & it’s supposed to be majorly tick-y. Not so much worried about us, but the dogs. Lola’s already had Lyme disease & she’s just about 15 . . . she doesn’t need it again.

    I’m hoping we get to someplace this week, but we’ll see what the week holds.


  2. My short work weeks never feel “short” because there’s just as much work that needs to get done )with one less day to do it). At least with all the rain we had this week, I didn’t have much remorse in working full days LOL I’m jealous of your long run! Great job staying active!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve already forgotten it was a short week last week. After a holiday I always get confused on what day it is, and that seemed worse this week since every day is so much the same. Love all the hiking you are doing. We did one hike Labor Day weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Your hike locations look so lovely and how cool to run into the race director and for him to recognize you! How cool to sleep on your boat. That sounds so relaxing.

    I haven’t done any virtual races since the Firecracker 5K on Independence Day. As of right now, the Santa 5K will be held in person, but that can change based on the current COVID situation. Fingers crossed that it’s live and I’m running fully by then! 🙂


    • As I told Cari, when the boat is tied to the dock, it doesn’t move at all. So it is nice and quiet.

      I hoping you will be running by Dec. Not sure about me. I’m hoping for Feb in Fla.


  5. Yay running virtually with us Saturday, not that I was running. I was portable aid station after nine miles Friday night.
    Sleepign on a boat — restful? I almost got seasick on the ferry last week. 7/week is clearly too many for my equalibrium


  6. Great photos, wow- so pretty. Love the hikes. Sleeping on a boat! Sounds fun. We are doing a houseboat with my sister and family in two weeks down the Mississippi! I’m excited, I’ve never done one. We’ll be on it for 3 nights.


  7. I like 4 day work weeks. It was like that in the Spring and Fridays would be meetings and PD but no students. I was hoping we would have something similar this year but nope.

    I am done with virtual races. None for me. I do like challenges.

    Liked by 1 person

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