Running and Gardening

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My Topic today is: Gardening and Running

When I was a teacher, I had the summers off and I had a big perennial garden.  (I was not a runner back then).

Then I changed careers and started working during the summers.  So I let this garden die grow wild. I eventually also started running.

This summer with working from home and taking down a huge pine tree, I decided to create a new perennial garden.

Here are 5 reasons why both running and gardening are very similar:

1.Start small.

It is not recommended to start off by running a marathon.  You start with one mile and continue onto a 5k.  Maybe at some point even a half marathon or longer distances.

back in 2008…I didn’t start running 13.1 until 2011.

Your plants will not be full and tall right away.  If you plant too many at first, you will have to split them or your garden will be too crowded.  So buy a few the first year and add more each year, as necessary.

2.Progress happens slowly.

Remember how slow your first 5k or half marathon time was?  Everyone progresses differently.  And some runners progress faster than others. And of course, there will be setbacks (injuries or illnesses.) Patience!

2015 – finally a HM age group award

Some of your plants may die, get diseases or eaten by predators.  Others may take a few years before they bloom.  Patience!

3. Hydration and fueling are complicated.

Of course, we need to hydrate when we run.  But when and how often?  Do we carry water?  Is it different for different weather conditions or distances? And what and when do you eat?  How often do you eat during a race or run?

This was my favorite handheld.

And yes, plants need water to grow. How much? When is the best time to water your garden? How often do you water?  And fertilizer…what kind, how often, etc?

4. Consistency is important.

We all know that to move forward with your running, you cannot skip a lot of runs. You need to get out there several times a week.  If you take time off from running, it is definitely harder when you do get back into running.


obviously a hard half marathon – my first one after my broken ankle

With my garden, it’s weeding.  Not a pleasant job, but if you let it go, OMG, it is so much worse. I have to do it EVERYDAY.

5. Set and Re-adjust goals.

It’s great to have a running goal…maybe even something like a BQ.  It gives us something to work towards. But as we know, injuries happen, life happens (hello, pandemic), we have to re-adjust. Hey, I thought that I was going to run one half marathon each month in 2020.

Half #2 of 2020

My new goal is just 3 shorts run during the week and 10 miles on the weekend with a new focus on nature walks. The 12 half marathon goal will have to wait.

My initial goal for my garden was to have a beautiful flowers, mostly pink and purple perennials.  Obviously a long-term goal. Some of the plants were eaten by deer, some died, others were not flowering well or yet.

This year’s goal is now to fill up the space with other pretty objects such as a bird bath, annual flowers, solar fountain, sun catchers, ornaments, etc.

A work in progress (like my running)

Happy Running! Are you into gardening? Or do you have another hobby that has similarities to running? Please share.

6 thoughts on “Running and Gardening

  1. Great analogy Darlene! I would love to have a garden but I know I would not be able to dedicate the time to it for it to be successful. So in essence there just may be some similarities there and maybe that is why I am only a mediocre runner…lol! Thanks for linking up! -M

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    • I do agree. This is my work from home summer so it may be my last gardening year. Same with running. I won’t be fast unless I put in the time.


  2. Your garden is so pretty! You are right – there are a lot of similarities between gardening and running. When I taught, I used to have fun gardening in the summer. Now it seems like work, so I have converted my garden back into grass. I still like growing perennials, but just around the perimiter of the house. I hate weeding!

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    • I hate weeding too. We’ll see how long this new hobby lasts. And if I travel for work next summer, I don’t know if it will work out.


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