Ultimate Coffee Date for May

It’s that time of the month…

to join up with Coco & Deborah for their ultimate coffee date.

1.Over coffee…

I’d tell you that this time EVERY year since 2005, I have been in Florida running, playing tennis and getting a tan at the beach.

I even run in a 5k race

Do you have an annual trip that you look forward to every year?

2.Over coffee…

I’d tell you that the Steel Rail Half Marathon race was postponed until Oct 11.  I really wanted to run this race but NOT a week after another half marathon.  No refunds but you could do it virtually by May 17 and receive all the swag. Not sure I made the right decision but I did decide to run it virtually.

2017 – my Half marathon PR

What would you have done?  

3.Over coffee…

I’d tell you that May is usually my favorite month. My Birthday. Florida Tennis vacation, Annual Tulip Fest. Beginning of boating season. Freihofer Run for Women, my favorite race. My hubby’s b-day. I could go on and on.

I kinda feel like May was cancelled.

at least no one told the tulips the bad news

What is your favorite month?

4.Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I am cooking more, eating more, drinking more wine!!  This pandemic is not healthy.

Anyone else guilty of this?

5.Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I miss racing and traveling so much that I already signed up for a race next February!! (It should be safe to fly by then…)

2018 Fort Lauderdale A1A Marathon & Half Marathon - February 18 ...

want to join me?

How are you dealing with the travel ban and race cancellations?

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Happy Running! Got anything to spill? Share it here!

29 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date for May

  1. I’m sorry about your missed vacation; that’s hard. Now imagine it’s been 14 months. Because it’s been that long with me, and you know what I went through in those 14 months, too. It is what it is though, I can’t control that.

    I’m pretty much cooking the same — in some ways maybe even just a bit less (hubby cooks more for himself, a tad) — and maintaining my weight.

    Not much new in my world.


    • I do envy a little those who have not had to adjust much.
      My hubby and I haven’t taken a vacation together in many many years. I prefer my solo trips or girls vacations. So much easier to plan. Just get up and go and boy am I tempted to do that soon.

      But this will eventually end and I will have to drive to work, get dressed up, put on make up every day. I may even complain about missing my preserve walks at lunch. So right now, I am savoring the positives about this pandemic experience.

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  2. So sorry your Florida vacation was canceled. I think at the beginning of this, no one realized how long it was going to last. At least I didn’t!

    We have been going down to visit my sister in Florida in January since we have been retired, so we got our trip in this year. She lives in Florida half the year and Cape Cod the other half. Amazingly, she and her husband are flying back to Cape Cod next Friday. I can’t even imagine flying right now!

    Bill and I have been eating too much and drinking too much wine too. That guy does not gain an ounce. How??? Last night he told me that he is at his lowest weight since high school. No fair!!! 🙂


    • The hubby is the same. Grrr
      I usually go to Fla in Feb to visit my friends but this year, it was Bermuda. Boy am I glad I got that trip in!!


  3. While I’m disappointed that my races and vacations have been canceled, it’s out of my control. I don’t need races to motivate me, so it hasn’t affected me as much as others. We will get to race again, so just keep training!

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    • I run the same whether I have a race or not but I am much more casual if I don’t have a race. So I will have a slow but enjoyable 12 miles on sat. lol


  4. I’d already forgotten about our travel plans to Spain. Wasn’t meant to be I guess. I’m definitely cooking more and it wears on me by the end of the week. We have been hitting up our local frozen custard place on the regular though.

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    • Yes, ice cream!! The good thing is that the weather has been so bad that I’m not tempted as often as I may have been if it were warm.


  5. My birthday (March 14th) was on the beginning end of all this chaos, and by my hubby’s birthday (April 1st) things we in full swing LOL My dad’s birthday is on Monday, and Mother’s Day is coming. We all made it through Easter. Crazy how we just make do with what the circumstances give us. But, like you, I am missing my races. I’m motivated to continue training and running as usual, but I do miss all the excitement of the race course. When all the races resume, it will feel like a “first race,” which will be pretty intoxicating!

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    • I totally agree. Although I’m not sure what racing will be like at first. I am anxiously awaiting for the old normal but the new normal will be better than the current normal lol


    • very tempted since FLa opened the beaches in Naples yesterday and 25% can eat their their restaurants. And the BEACH!! But unfortunately I’ll not be going until next winter.


  6. I usually go to Chicago once a year, either in the summer of Fall, so I’m a little bummed that I won’t be making the trip this year since I love the city so much! But I’m trying to keep it all in perspective – there’s always next year 🙂

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  7. I hear ya! I’m pretty sure our annual trip to Florida won’t be happening either. Good news is that our Marinas are opening today, so maybe we will get our boat out this weekend!
    I think they should have given runners more time to decided if they wanted to run the virtual race or real race, especially since it’s not till October.


  8. I’m not usually one to comment, but, here’s something you may be interested in, especially if you’re trying to achieve twelve (or more?) half’s this year. Are you familiar with Mainly Marathons? They schedule races in all fifty states throughout the year, bunching them together in several states at a time called a “series”. I have a goal to race in all fifty states, and thanks to MM, as of this September, I’ll only have five more to go. Now, I’ve not run all of my states with MM, although I wish I had…I would’ve saved hundreds of $$. When I first heard about MM, I was concerned about what running two – eight half marathons in consecutive days would do to my over sixty year old body, but, if I can do it, anyone can. I only run a max of three days a week, even when I’m training. I’m running a series this August and another in September for a total of six states (so far, they’re still on). The MM organizers make it so fun for the runners; I’m happy to share more about my experiences, if you’re curious. Been following you for a few years, hope to meet up one day…maybe at a Mainly Marathon Series?
    PS: I do not work for or receive anything from Mainly Marathons, but, because you have an obvious love for running and races, I thought I’d share this awesome organization.

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    • I’ve heard of them. I could never run more than one a month. Plus I like pretty scenery. But thanks for the info.


  9. Travel ban? I was supposed to be heading to Europe Sunday for a business trip and then a long weekend of frolicking in Switzerland, but … You are braver than I making plans to go anywhere. I’m already regretting letting American talk me into a voucher instead of a refund

    Those tulips are gorgeous!

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    • I have a voucher too. Should be ok by next Feb. I can defer the race and didn’t buy the plane tix. Sorry about your trip. Sucks.


  10. I don’t have an annual trip, but was definitely looking forward to a lot of planned trips this year that likely won’t be happening anymore. :[

    Those tulips are gorgeous! I haven’t been eating the healthiest, but kinda go through phases lately–I crave a bunch of unhealthy things but since we don’t have said unhealthy things, I guess it’s a blessing in disguise!

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    • I’ve been really hungry. I think it’s boredom. Being home too much.

      Looking forward to the tulips in bloom. They don’t know about the pandemic.

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  11. I’m so sorry your May Florida trip had to be canceled. I remember how much fun you always have with the girls. We’re have to cancel our big Memorial Day weekend barbecue this year. I think we’ve been doing it for about twelve years and it will be weird not planning for it.

    Those tulips are gorgeous. I heard about a lot of places where tulip tours got canceled.

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  12. JOY CONES!!!!! That makes me so happy ❤

    I love all your tulips. We don't get bulb flowers here, so they are extra amazing to me.

    I am struggling with the travel. We always do a big summer vacation, and I don't know if that's a go or not. I mean, if it's canceled, it is what it is. But I really want to go (just a cabin in NC with my college roommate and her family). The races aren't so awful. I miss them, but not as much as I thought I would.

    Love your Florida mug. I hope you get to visit soon!

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    • most likely my Florida visit won’t be until Feb. ALA half. Are you game?

      Tulips are my favorite. Looking foward more walks there when they are all in bloom.


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