Weekly Run Down for 1.27.20 – 2.2.20: Honoring AndyJHa

A very busy work week, and 2 PT visits, a tennis dinner and race thrown in the mix. Plus it was supposedly my peak training week for my next half marathon…

Last Week –

  • Monday – My second lunchtime Chair Yoga session…super relaxing and actually fun.

After work, I went to PT again.  I explained that the pain during the run seemed to be a little better but the next day, it hurt more than usual.  She did more of the same as in previous sessions. The Laser machine was busy so we postponed it.

Afterward, I went to a short town run to test out yet another pair of new shoes (I returned the Altras.)

pretty discouraging run as my foot hurt a lot for the first 2 miles…

  • Tuesday – Since I would be busy on Wednesday, I ran for the 2nd day in a row (which I normally hesitate to do.) I had Chris for company and we ran one loop at UAlbany. Not a stellar effort for either of us but we got it done and my foot did not hurt as much as the previous day.

  • Wednesday – Rest day and another PT session. More of the same. She is trying to fix me. Ha ha.

I stopped off at the gym on my way home but no unoccupied bikes so I left.

  • Thursday – A long work day and another UAlbany run. Solo. Chris could not make it. Still painful which I realized makes me not want to run. Good thing it was a loop and I had get back to my car.

After the run, I met some tennis friends for dinner. Always an enjoyable event.

News of the day: At noon registration for NYC marathon opened. I had a qualifying time. I hesitated and hesitated. Nope. I didn’t pull the trigger and the timed entries closed in about 20 min.

No marathon for me. I think I’m relieved.

  • Friday – Long work day and mah jongg evening. Squeezed in a short stationary bike ride in between.
  • Saturday – Polar Cap Race, a 4 miler that is hilly and always super COLD.  It was also the FIRST time that I’ve run this race without my friend Andrea (who died last week.) For the first time, the weather was pretty nice.  They had a moment of silence for Andrea and dedicated the race to her.  I was pretty emotional. But I tackled the hills with lots of foot pain and even won an age group award.

Afterward I dragged my sore foot 5 or so more miles while checking out the Lake George Winter Carnival.

  • Sunday – I was planning on doing the Winter Series #5, a free local race. But after all that foot pain the day before, I didn’t want to repeat the experience. Instead, I rode the bike at the gym, did some errands and went to the movies.
Image result for jojorabbit"

really enjoyed this!!!!

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday – PT, run 
  • Tuesday –  run
  • Wednesday – rest day, PT, work webinar
  • Thursday – rest day, museum activities, dinner out with tennis friends
  • Friday – rest day, mah jongg
  • Saturday – Long Run with Sole Sisters (8-10 miles), yoga
  • Sunday – rest day

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Happy Running! How is your running going? Anyone training yet for a 2020 race? Who’s joining me in Bermuda?  Anyone sign up for the NYC Marathon lottery (It opened this week.) What’s new with you? Please share.

18 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 1.27.20 – 2.2.20: Honoring AndyJHa

    • It was hard…never run it without her and this race was her favorite…she drove over 2 hours each year and many times before she talked me into it.

      Even in pain, glad I was able to run…it’s a lovely local race.


  1. I’m not surprised that your foot is sorer after PT. Hopefully you get some relief soon, but I can tell you it can take a really long time, unfortunately. 😦

    At least by running at night you get to see those sunsets. That still wouldn’t motivate me out there (plus having to deal with the traffic).

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