Weekly Run Down for 3.18.19-3.24.19: Recovering & a Wedding


Normally I feel good after a half marathon but apparently the hills and my lack of training made my quads feel like I had been run over by a mack truck LOL

However, running was the last thing on my mind. My stepson’s wedding was this week!!

Last week

  • Monday – So today was the first meeting of the Freihofer Challenge Training group.  I had signed up for the advanced group long before I got injured. I now planned to show up and just say “hi” to my friends.

There was FOMO, of course, so I compromised and started a run/walk with the Intermediate group.  My legs felt like lead and I quit halfway and ran back with another friend (not part of the group). Listening to my body…a new thing.

another reason, I quit…I was FREEZING!!

  • Tuesday Still resting and had my post race appt with my chiro. She was very happy and we will just continue with maintenance appts before my big races.
  • Wednesday – Resting was over.  Could not skip running with friends and warmish temps.

it was sluggish and the calf appeared to be sore again…still glad to be outside

  • Thursday – No time to run. Today I had to go to the wedding rehearsal and then to dinner after.

love our cool gifts

  • Friday –  I had planned to run before my hair appt. but it was raining/snowing so decided to sleep in instead.

Wedding Day. It was beautiful.  Everything worked out perfectly and we all had a blast.

  • Saturday – I thought about running this morning…for about a minute.  Too much fun the night before. Instead I went to a birthday party/knitting/coloring gathering with my tennis friends.

Followed by the last of the Wedding functions –  a family lunch at the newlyweds’ home. (Yes I can eat two lunches in one day!!)

  • Sunday – Too much eating the last three days so I needed to run.  Unsure of how many miles my leg could take.  11 miles was on my schedule and Jen offered to run with me.  She is super fast and training for a sub-2 half.  So we met at the rail trail and ran together for a while.  I let her go and I ran solo. Then we met for brunch afterward.

the weather was absolutely perfect (I was over-dressed)

39 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 3.18.19-3.24.19: Recovering & a Wedding

  1. The weather this week was rather crazy. I wasn’t sore after my last race, but i did feel run down, then fine, and then got sick. Feb/March is always a tough time for me to stay healthy, apparently.

    Glad the wedding went off well. They were actually lucky the didn’t have it on Saturday!

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  2. Good decision listening to your body and easing off, a hard thing to do as a runner. Have you considered doing any form of cross training? That way you still get the high of exercising but avoid the impact of running for a day or two.

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  3. Oh my gosh, the wedding pictures are so nice! I love the deep purple bridesmaid’s dresses and the bouquets of tulips are stunning. The bride looks amazing and the happy couple looks, well, HAPPY! What a fun event – oh and I see you had no trouble fitting into your dress – you look fantastic!

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  4. Happy wedding. What a beautiful day and fun time for you all! Love the YETIS, so cool! Running a half can definitely take a lot out of you! Hopefully you are feeling more recovered now!


  5. Congratulations to you and to your son! You looked gorgeous and what a beautiful wedding! I wish them a lifetime of happiness!

    I’m sure it was ok to take these few days a little easier. You’ve been working hard, and it’s ok to play hard, too 🙂 You’ll be right back at it in no time!

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    • Still recovering from the race and the wedding. Those heels wrecked havoc on my calf too.

      Hope to get back into normalcy (whatever that is).


  6. Those cups are super creative and fun!
    The wedding looks so beautiful! Everyone’s dresses are stunning!
    I am so proud of you for listening to your body! As I tell my classes, “only you know what your body is telling you!”
    Hope your week is going well!

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