Friday Five -Assessing 2018

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My Topic this week is: My Assessment of 2018

I’m a teacher at heart. (once a teacher, always a teacher.)

And you can’t grow in the future unless you assess the past. 

Yes, it was a good year meaning lots of bling, miles and races.  You’ve seen my pictures but do they really tell the story?

Here’s my story:

1. I ran 894.5 miles.

I didn’t have a goal of 1000 miles but it was a number than I wanted to meet and I have the past two years.

2017 – 1041.5 miles
2016 – 1046 miles
2015 – 969 miles
2014 – 911 miles

not this year

Why did my mileage drop?

I am happy to report that it was not because of an injury. Everything felt fine all year and I never stretched, taped or used a foam roller.

I did not train hard for any race. I shortened or skipped runs and long runs. Those miles add up.

I do not think any of my race times suffered. It’s just a number anyway.

2. I ran 30 races. 13 were 5k races. Ten were new races. Four of the new ones were half marathons (& one 20k).

Again fewer than previous years. I have run 40 or close to it in the past.

But it was a conscious choice not because I was injured.

I’m a social runner and racing to me is a way to run and meet up with other runners. But with the ability to run with runner friends on the weekends, I didn’t feel the need to sign up for as many races.

my BRFs

The ones I did run, I enjoyed and I always try to run different races each year. These tended to be halfs but at least 2 others were new local ones.

I ran 6 halfs in 2017, and 7 in 2016 and 2015.  If you count the Paris 20k then I was close this year (with 5), as well.

3. I continued to win my age group in most of the races I entered.

This happens when you are in an old lady’s age group. But still, it makes me happy.  I am most proud of winning in longer races such as RnR Montreal Half, Brew 2 Brew Half, Pelham Half and in NYC races (Brooklyn Speed Series 5ks, Ice Cream Social 5k, Governor’s Is 5k and Poland Spring 5m)

very surprised to do well on this hard course

4. Although I did have THREE PRs (5k. 5m, 15k), more important were the COURSE PRs.

I know I am slowing down.  I’m not sure how much or how often.  It just feels harder every time I go out there.

But I had many course PRs at races that I have run multiple times – Cherry Blossom 5k, Freihofers 5k, Stockade-athon 15k, Bacon Hill 5k, Summer Smith 5k, Delmar Dash, Shamrock Shuffle, among others.

5. My Finish times were for the most part consistent (at least for the shorter distances).

Considering my lack of training, (I run but don’t follow a plan per se nor do I do any speed drills), I did ok.

I didn’t break any speed records. But I finished 9 of my 5ks under 28 minutes. That elusive sub 27 still stands (and may stand forever.)

My half times were:

Brew 2 Brew -2:19:56
Brooklyn -2:11:23
Montreal -2:11:48
Pelham -2:20:09

Not close to my PR (2:06:52) but the important time (under 2:12:00) was Brooklyn which qualified me for NYC Half and NYC Marathon.

13.1 miles in Brooklyn

So my assessment for 2018 is:


Healthy Miles, Quality and Successful Racing, Consistency


Goals, Strength Training, Speed, Leaving my Comfort Zone

Stay turned for next week when I’ll look ahead to 2019.

Happy Running!  Do you assess your year of running? If so, how did you do?

32 thoughts on “Friday Five -Assessing 2018

  1. You had a great running year! I did not assess mine, nor will I because I don’t care that much. What’s important to me is running in new places and seeing friends. On those fronts I was successful so it’s all good.

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  2. Wow, Montreal and Brooklyn were so close.
    I feel similar to your 2018 (shocker shocker) on fewer races for 2019. I don’t need the races as a reason to run with people. So far it has reflected as fewer races signed up for, but not sure that will hold. I just need to figure out my calendar. I think I’m doing the Brooklyn Hot Chocolate though.
    I need to look back at the year and put it down, because last year’s is a useful tool

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    • Thanks.

      For me, the races are even more fun than the training and a great way to connect with other runners.

      Having at least 5 half marathons for next year and maybe even a full will have an effect on the number of short races I run.

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  3. I totally agree with you on the course PR (as opposed to just a generic distance PR). It’s much easier to get a PR on a flat/fast course, right? Where’s the challenge? I’d rather whittle away the finish times on the same race course. Great year!

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  4. I definitely had a good year of running. I accomplished most of my goals — which most of the time was to finish — and though there were fewer PRs, there were some really strong races in very adverse weather (and a few that weren’t strong because of adverse weather, but mostly I did well despite weather).

    You don’t win AG awards just because you’re older. Yes, it does depend on who shows up, but even so, give yourself credit where credit is due.

    5k PRs are definitely elusive. 🙂

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  5. It’s so great to be able to look back on a period of time, to see what went right, what went wrong and what can change. You’ve had such an amazing year, and I love to see how you adjust your goals and expectations as things change for you. It’s a really great gift to possess. Looking forward to more awesome things from you this year!

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  6. Whew–great job on all your miles and races! I think what matters most is having fun, staying healthy/injury-free, and not stressing about the numbers, so it definitely sounds like you’ve got that covered! Yay for your PRs! :]!


  7. I feel like I’m constantly assessing and reassessing. And I get why you did fewer races – if I had a group that I could run with more often I’d probably do fewer as well. Ron and I both have the problem of not having anyone to do long runs with – he’s too fast for me and that wrecks his training if he slows down too much. He’s too slow for runners that he’d LIKE to run with (if you can believe that – I mean the man averages a 3:15-3:20 marathon and knows even FASTER runners here in the area…). I’m too slow for anyone to WANT to do a long run with me. So we do a lot of races, many times decided at the last minute simply because it’s easier than running the same da*m route in the neighborhood again.

    I think personally you have a talent and so far you haven’t really had to train per se – if you WANT to improve even the slightest then strength training and speed drills are helpful, but if it’s going to be too much of a chore for you or you feel like you have lost the joy, then don’t beat yourself up over it. I’m not saying don’t try to improve, I’m just saying do what gives you joy. If that makes sense?

    I’m so impressed with your miles and races – I hope to be like you when I grow up 😉

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  8. Amazing year of running! And you did it all without injuries. In all the years I’ve been running, I think I’ve averaged 8 races/year, so I’m impressed with all of the races you’ve ran!

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