Weekly Wrap for 9.10.18-9.16.18: Travel and Tapering


Upstate driving (to Rochester, then to Liverpool) and getting in those post-work miles leading finally to a taper.

  • Monday – A long drive to Rochester and after setup, I was hoping to run along the Erie Canal.  It was raining all day but it stopped when I was done. Lucky Me.

it was actually a little chilly – 60 degrees

I even got to meet up with a fellow Skirt Sports ambassador.

  • Tuesday – Day two in Rochester. Cloudy again and even was raining when I left work but I took a chance and drove up to Lake Ontario.  And it was not raining there. I ran in the sand along the lake and on a trail and then drove to the lighthouse.

still chilly along the water but the humidity is returning

As I drove back to my hotel, it started raining. The weather Gods were on my side!

  • Wednesday – I left Rochester after work and drove to Liverpool. After I checked into my hotel, I headed out to Onondaga Lake State Park for a run. Another cloudy day but the sunset was my reward (and ice cream!)


  • Thursday – Before I headed home, I drove back at Onondaga Lake State Park. I was tired and coming down with a cold, but finally the sun came out so I dragged myself for a run/walk.

85 degrees – summer has returned

  • Friday – Rest Day and feeling sick 😦
  • Saturday – Our last long run before the big race next weekend. Feeling even worse than the day before but I knew that a run with friends would make me feel better. And it did. We chose the Corning Bike Path for our run and then went to our favorite place after for brunch.

It was supposed to be 10 miles but it was just too humid

Aftrwards, my hubby wanted me to go up to to the lake with him and I was tempted but I decided to stay home, do errands and stuff around the house and beat this cold.

  • Sunday – Again it was tempting to go to Saratoga and watch some friends in their race and then go on our boat but it was mah jongg weekend at my friend’s house on the Schroon River. So that’s where I went.  And it actually was a fun time. We did some walking, a lot of eating and some playing of mah jongg.

This Coming Week – RACE WEEK!!

  • Monday –  3 miles (turkey trot challenge group)
  • Tuesday   3 miles, tennis
  • Wednesday – rest day, dinner & movie with tennis friends
  • Thursday 3 miles
  • Friday – rest day
  • SaturdayRnR Montreal 5k (walk)
  • Sunday – RnR Montreal Half Marathon

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you?  Any big races on the horizon? Please share.


29 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap for 9.10.18-9.16.18: Travel and Tapering

  1. I hope you are feeling better now. My husband was sick for a week last week and that rarely happens. I never ran when I had business trips to Rochester, even though it wasn’t before my running days — now I can’t remember why not!.


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