How Do You Choose Your Races?

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Today’s Topic is: How Do You Choose Your Races

This topic came to mind because I may be deciding between two races on the same day, October 28:


Image result for poland springs 5m race

Poland Spring Marathon Kick-off (5M) in Central Park



Image result for hAUNTED 5K rOOSEVELT iSLAND

Haunted 5K on Roosevelt Island

So how do I choose?

  • Distance

Run the shorter distance because it takes less time and less training? B

Run the longer distance because it is more of a challenge? A

  • Course

Run the flatter course so you have a better chance of a PR? B

Run the more scenic course? A and B

Run the more challenging course (the one with hills)? A

  • Logistics

Run the race that is easier to get to? A

Run the race that has day of race bib pick up? B

  • Size

Run the smaller race and have a better chance of an age group award? B

Run the more popular, exciting and larger race? A

  • Cost

Save $$ and run the cheaper race? A

  • Friends

Run the race where you may know another runner or two? A

  • Bling
  • Charity


I may not run either. It depends if I have enough points for a free hotel room the night before.  I am going to see a Broadway show with 11 friends that same day so I figured why not run a race first……

I am also joining up with Running on HappySuzlyfeCrazy Running Girl, and Coach Debbie Runs for the Coaches’ Corner linkup


Happy Running! How do you choose which race to run if there are more than one on the same day? If you were me, which one would you choose?


14 thoughts on “How Do You Choose Your Races?

  1. I would think, knowing you, you’d opt for the race where you knew people. The distances aren’t *really* that different (even though they are).

    I’d probably go with smaller more scenic, but who knows? Good luck deciding.


  2. Two of the biggest deciding factors for me are distance from my house and the type of course. I try to avoid courses that are super hilly.

    I’ve never run either race – both look great! I think I’d probably pick the Poland Spring race in Central park since it’s the kick off to NYC marathon week.

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