TOTR: Fall Running

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The topic for today is: Favorite Thing(s) About Fall Running

Well, I could possibly just mention ONE thing.

First, the scenery.  I love the colors of the leaves in the fall. All the paths where I run are so pretty this time of year.

Second, the number of races.  For someone who loves to race every weekend in the fall, there is the largest selection during this running season.

Third, the cooler temps make those PRs possible. Not all my PRs have come in the fall but many have. I look forward to trying to recapture my 2014-15 speed.

Happy Running! What is your favorite thing about fall running? Do share.

15 thoughts on “TOTR: Fall Running

  1. I love the scenery too! Those fall colors are just amazing (and your photos are beautiful!). I love the cooler weather and the fact that I don’t feel like I’m dying while running! I always feel like an actual runner come Fall!


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