Running Update: 9.25.17-10.1.17


Last Week: Race Week

  • Monday – Still summer temps but since I am Not participating in the Turkey Trot training group,  I made plans with a former participant to meet for a run.

93 degrees!!

  • Tuesday – Tennis for the first time in a long time because I was working locally and not out of town. It was fun re-connecting with my Tuesday tennis buddies for tennis and dinner out.

This happened too. I was interviewed about flu shots during Monday’s run. Notice that I lost one of my earrings.

  • Wednesday – Today Alyssa and I met for the last time before our Sunday race and the last of our hot summer weather. We sweated and planned on an extra half mile for our ice cream post run treat.

Nope. Ice cream place closed for the season. No extra 1/2 mile!

  • Thursday – I couldn’t decide if I wanted 2 or 3 days rest. Since I had time before my dinner out with tennis friends, I thought of about running but went to the library instead.

Early carb loading

  • Friday – I rode to Corning, NY (our race-cation location) with Judy and Jan. It was a long drive so we stopped to take a walk in Glimmerglass Lake State Park and then in Cooperstown for lunch.

After we checked into our hotel in Painted Post, we had dinner and then I relaxed in the hotel for the rest of the evening.

  • Saturday – Rest day and a day to carb load. After the expo and lunch, Alyssa and I went to the Glass Museum and then walked around town. Then in the evening we went the race sponsored dinner where we stuffed ourselves with pasta and listened to the inspiring speaker – Dave McGillivray.

  • Sunday – Today I ran my 28th half marathon – the Wineglass Half Marathon.  I loved the course and enjoyed sharing the experience with new and old running friends.

Not a PR but pretty damn close and survived the frigid temps (93 degrees to 35 in one week That’s crazy!!).

After the race, I rode home with Christina, Kerri and Judy where we chatted about running and a possible repeat experience next fall.

20.1 miles done.

This Week: Recovery  & Work = #HoLottaRest

  • Monday – rest day, STEM group?
  • Tuesday rest day, work travel to Buffalo, run in Buffalo???
  • Wednesday work in Buffalo, drive home, rest day
  • Thursday rest day (or morning run?) and hair appt
  • Friday – rest day, mah jongg
  • Saturday – 5K race + 6 more miles
  • Sunday – rest day, boating

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you? Please share.


21 thoughts on “Running Update: 9.25.17-10.1.17

  1. Congrats on your half!! I will have to keep Wineglass on my radar, it looks like a lovely race!

    It’s crazy how the temperature dropped so rapidly – though I’m not complaining!


  2. Very cool that you were interviewed for the news! Reminds me, I need to go get my flu shot.

    I can’t believe your weather swing – but better to have the cold temps for your race than the hot ones. Looking forward to reading the full recap.


  3. Thanks for linking up with Jess and me!

    Oh, Wineglass! I have heard great things…lucky you! You say you loved the course- is it hilly? good weather? Was there a full on the same day? If so, was the half the focus or the full?

    Fun week!


  4. You are a celebrity! Did you find your earring? Congratulations on an amazing half marathon time and checking off half # 28. You are going to catch up with me if I don’t get going! I like the medal too. It’s different. Thanks for linking.


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