TOTR: Summer Running – Love it or Hate it?

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This week’s Topic is: What do you love/hate about summer running?


  • Less Layers

My running bag seems practically empty.  I can get changed in minutes.

I ran after work with just shoes, tank, skirt, cap. Easy Peasy.

  • Sunshine

I love the SUN!! It motivates me to get outside and get my dose of Vitamin D!!

  • Longer Days.

As a working runner, this is especially important to me.  It is no fun running in the dark after work.  When it is dark, it limits the places where I can run.

no lights on the rail trail so I can only run here after work in the summer.

  • More Racing Ops.

In the winter, there are very few if any races scheduled for the weekend. In the summer, there are many.  I can choose by distance, location, type of course, etc.  I am in my glory as a runner who loves to race.

Silks & Satins 5K -my next race on 7/22

  • No Training Runs

I run my half marathons in the other three seasons.  So in the summer, I can just relax.  I run when and where I what.  I run whatever distance I want.

I could meet Judy for a run, run at her pace and not worry. Or I could have run a faster 3 miles. Running for fun is the BEST.


  • Mosquitos/Ticks/Black Flies

I am very susceptible to insect bites so I need to always apply insect repellent.  Sometimes I am lax and I pay the price with lots of itchy bites.

  • Humidity

Dry heat is great but when it is humid, it is tough to get the miles in and the speed.

this was a tough run

  • More Laundry

Less layers but they are sweaty.  That means that I can’t wear items more than once like I do in the other seasons.

  • Competing Activities

In the summer, there’s hiking, tennis, boating, outdoor music and plays. It’s hard to fit it all in and sometimes, I just skip the run in favor of a summer-only activity.

can only go on our boat in the summer

So I think I LOVE summer running more than I hate it. 

Does that mean I should move to a warmer, sunnier climate?

Happy Running! What do you love and/or hate about running?

30 thoughts on “TOTR: Summer Running – Love it or Hate it?

  1. I wonder if I’d like summer running more – and if I’d actually run when the sun is shining – if I didn’t live in hot, humid, hell…er, Texas. You make it sound fun. It is not that much fun here, LOL.


  2. I’m with you on the longer days and relaxed runs. I start feeling guilty about not running as much or as long but I have to remind myself this is MY time to relax and enjoy my runs. I do enough racing and conditioning from Fall through Spring. I can take it easy, it’s ok!


  3. I do like that it’s easy to find things to wear for summer running, but the excessive sweating, bugs, and crowded trails make it my least favorite time of year for running!


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