Running Update: 5.22.17-5.28.17


Last Week:

  • Monday – a chilly rainy day so I went to the gym after work. But the rain stopped so I headed to my last Freihofer training challenge group run. I opted out of the advanced workout and ran with the beginner group. Instead of 800s, I ran 3.5 easy miles.

this run felt harder than my half

  • Tuesday  a scheduled rest day where I went out to dinner and a movie to celebrate my b-day with my bff.

  • Wednesday – A perfect running day. I ran the 3 mile loop with Alyssa before my volunteer stint with STEM.

Alyssa ran her FIRST marathon on Sunday.

we did the same 3 mile loop but I hung back with the slower run/walkers

  • Thursday – A rainy rest day and another birthday dinner. This time with someone that I used to teach with.  The food was great and so was the company.
  • Friday –  Another rainy day but the rain stopped by late afternoon. As soon as I started running, it started to pour again. So I just squeezed in a quick wet one before hosting Mah Jongg at my house. (Who has time to clean when you can run…)

  • Saturday – My hubby decided to play tennis so I took an unscheduled run.

    someone left some donuts…just when I needed them 🙂

Afterwards I headed up to the lake with the hubby and we reunited with some of our summer boating friends. An awesome day even though it was a little cloudy and cool.

  • Sunday –  Another fun day on the lake with our friends.

When my hubby left to go play tennis, I took the opportunity to go for a short 2 mile run. So I was supposed to run 6 miles today and I did.  It just took me two days. LOL

I was tired but the scenery was worth it

18.5 miles done with 5 runs and 2 rest days

This Week:

  • Monday – Day off – rest, gym, errands
  • Tuesday – rest, tennis
  • Wednesday – travel to NYC for work, 3 mile run (in CP?)
  • Thursday – NYC, 3 mile run (at lunch time?)
  • Friday – rest, travel home from NYC
  • Saturday – Freihofer 5K + 5k (virtual Zooma 10k)
  • Sunday – rest, boating

Once again, I am linking up for the Weekly Wrap hosted by these wonderful bloggers Holly @ HoHoRuns and Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin. See rules here.

Happy Running! How is your running going?


16 thoughts on “Running Update: 5.22.17-5.28.17

  1. Belated Birthday Wishes! Sounds like you had a very productive week despite the weather! You ARE an inspiration!. I think I got in, what 7 miles last week. I need to amp this up. 🙂 What is your normal weekly average?


    • Yes, those donuts just sitting there were funny. After I ate one, I wondered who and when but it tasted fresh…so who cares?


  2. Sounds like despite the rain you still managed to get some good running in! I am so sick of all the rain myself…it’s actually supposed to be raining here today and I was really wanting to get some cycling miles in.

    The lake you guys spend your summers at looks beautiful. What a great place to get some summer mileage in too!


  3. I’m so glad you were able to get out on the lake. I was grateful to get two outings over the long weekend, one sunny and one not. How fun you are still celebrating your birthday. Congrats to your friend Alyssa on her first marathon. Are you finished with your half marathons for a little while? Thanks for linking, Darlene!


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