TOTR: Mental Tips and Tricks

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Today’s Topic is: Mental Tips and Tricks

I don’t pretend to have all the answers but here is some advice to make yourself a “happier” runner:

  • Don’t compare yourself to another runner.

Pace is such an individual thing.  To some runners, I may appear fast and yet to others, I am a turtle. That’s one of the great things of running.  You are competing with yourself.

not fast in this field by any means but faster than many who were running their first half.

  • Find something good in every race/run.

Let’s face it, some runs/races just suck. But either you got it done or the scenery was awesome or whatever. Focus on the good and try to forget about the bad.

they cancelled the race, police threatened to arrest me, I thought I might collapse from the heat, I had to fight for a medal… but the course was great and the crowd support even better.

  • Surround yourself with other runners. They get you.

It’s great to have non-running friends but they won’t sympathize with your positive split times, sore feet, hilly course experiences, stomach issues, DNSes, etc.

  • Every race will not be a PR.

Even if you run on the same course, you may finish 20 minutes slower. Just sayin’.

  • A bad run is better than no run.

Tough one to remember when we wanted or expected it to be a good one. More often than not, it isn’t.

  • Take rest days.

We feel lazy when we don’t run. We are tempted to run everyday. But our body needs time off. We often don’t realize it until it’s too late.

  • Stay active when you can’t run.

You will feel better about your fitness if you do something else besides running to keep moving…biking, walking, yoga, swimming, tennis, crossfit, dancing, etc.

  • You don’t have to look like a runner to be a runner.

Runners some in all sizes.  All you have to do is run to be a runner.

I’m also linking with Susie and Rachel and Debbie and Lora for the Running Coaches’ Corner

Happy Running! Do you have any other Mental Tips and Tricks to share?


13 thoughts on “TOTR: Mental Tips and Tricks

  1. My husband is always amazed at the variety of people who run long distance races! He comments on that all the time. To which I respond, “see, you could run a marathon too!”. LOL


  2. Great tips! The comparison game is the toughest mental challenge for me. I just have to remember my journey and how far I’ve come since I first started!


  3. Love your tips! No runner should compare themselves to each other, it’s okay to want to beat each other and want to leave someone in the dust, LOL but not to compare!
    Also love the find something great in every race! I’m a huge believer and promoter of that, even the worst runs/races have great lessons to learn from or moments of fun. Always great to look at the positive! Great advice!!


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