TOTR: Happy B-day to Me

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For Today’s Topic, I’m choosing: How to Celebrate Your Birthday as a Runner

It’s an appropriate topic because today is my birthday.

And I happen to be celebrating on vacation in sunny Florida!!

So when it’s your b-day, here’s what I recommend:

  • Run a race.

Of course that depends on the time of year.  You can always run a virtual race if none is scheduled.

Mastodon Challenge 5K

I ran the Mastodon Challenger two years on my birthday.  I love the race and the photo.  Yes, I fell (what else is new) but continued on to finish with blood dripping down my legs and arms and broken watch in my hand (I felt badass especially when I came in 2nd in my AG)

  • Run your age.

You can run it in miles or kilometers.

I’m pretty old so I think this year, it will in Ks. How many Ks do you think I’ll run??

  • Do something that makes you happy.

For me, it’s the tulips in the park and spending time with my mentee and her sons. Tulip Fest weekend is always held around my birthday. Lucky me!

  • Forget the healthy eating and indulge.

You can run it off the next day! LOL.

I love to go out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants.  It has to have a water view and great desserts!!

It’s usually a restaurant on Lake George but this year, I’ll have to settle for the Gulf.

birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant in Naples, Fl- The Turtle Club (2012)

Happy Running! How do you celebrate your birthday?

18 thoughts on “TOTR: Happy B-day to Me

  1. Well, you know there’s few races on my birthday. Unless I travel & its a racecation (which I’ve done). Although it’s dicey cause it’s also usually the worst weather at that time of year.

    Poor you. Settling for a restaurant by the ocean. While we freeze our butts off!

    Enjoy the sunshine & happy birthday. And bring some of it back (just don’t expect any this weekend).


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