TOTR: Blogging Changes

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Today’s Topic is: How are you different from when you started blogging?

I’ve been blogging since March 25, 2008. That was the DAY that I decided to become a runner.

I’ll start with what has remained the same:

  • Blogging Goals

My goals haven’t really changed. I blog to motivate myself to continue running, to keep track of my running and racing and to connect with others who do the same.

  • Posting

I’ve always posted several times a week. Some weeks it’s everyday. Other weeks it’s less often. It depends on my schedule.

  • Blogger Meetups

I have been fortunate to connect with many bloggers. Many were local and have become my friends even though they no longer blog.

  • Race Reviews 

I recap each of my races almost as soon as they are over (so I don’t forget the details. ) These recaps are mostly for myself but I have heard that others read them too.

What has changed:

  • Content

I post more photos. It helps that I abandoned the camera and got a smartphone so it’s easier. Plus with the apps available, you can edit, make collages and be as creative as you have time for.


  • Link-ups

When I first started, there were very few. I used to write posts called Two for Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, Three Things Thursday and Foto Friday.

Now they are a bunch of fabulous link-ups. (WW, TOTR, Wednesday Word, TOLT, Friday Five 2.0, etc.) These help attract readers to your blog as well as, connect you with new blogs.

  • Product Reviews 

I used to get asked to review products pretty frequently. Not much anymore. Probably because there are more bloggers out there (with bigger readerships than me).

reviewing Yak Trax

  • Sponsorships

I am a Skirt Sports Ambassador Captain. So I get discounts from my favorite company.


love my SS outfits

  • My Running

Now I don’t just run 5ks. I used to (hence the title of my blog. )

I have run 22 half marathons and many many 10ks, 15ks and 10 milers.


finishing #21

I am more confident as a runner and though I don’t know it all, I know a lot more about running than when I started blogging.

  • Other Bloggers 

I don’t follow many blogs. I am selective. Basically because I don’t have the time.

The ones that I do read and comment on are more than fellow bloggers. They are really my virtual friends.


and sometimes you get to meet them in the flesh.

This brings me to why I can’t wait to run (and party) with 6 other virtual friends (Wendy, Holly, Tricia, Marybeth, Marcia & Karen) on Dec 3 in Panama City, FL!!!!!

Happy Running! How long have you been blogging?  Have you changed since you started?


12 thoughts on “TOTR: Blogging Changes

  1. Obviously, I haven’t been blogging as long. Only about 18 months. 🙂

    So I’m not sure how much my blog has actually changed . . . but I’m sure I have, it’s about finding your voice in the beginning. And sometimes not blogging (like today) because I have other stuff going on and don’t want to just throw up a half a$$ed post (although I’ve been known to do that, too) and also want to catch up, there’s been so little time to read other blogs lately!


      • Oh, sometimes quickies are good.

        I just know that I have other things to do today. Which includes working on the blog, but my time is just better served elsewhere today.

        Sometimes quickies are actually the best! 😉

        So since you had to be back in for training again this week, did you go home at all are just stay on?


  2. How awesome that you’ve connected with so many wonderful women. I’m selective with the blogs I read as well. It’s tough to keep up since there are so many. And now that you mention it, I don’t do as many product reviews as I used to either. Hmmm…


  3. You are going to have so much fun in Florida ! I would have LOVED to join you. Maybe another year.
    I prefer blogs with photos, it keeps my attention, which is very short. I am also selective of which blogs I read, there are so many out there, but I try to have a life outside the internet.


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