TOTR: Race Rewind

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Today’s Topic is: Race Rewind. What race do you want a do-over on? Either to train/race differently or to relive the awesome.

My half marathons are the most memorable so I’ll talk about them.

I have THREE races that I would love to Relive the Awesome.

  • Naples Half Marathon

It was my first.  The course was gorgeous and it took place in my favorite city in Florida.  I couldn’t enjoy as much I’d like because I was worried that I wouldn’t finish.  (I hadn’t run any race longer than a 5k at that point.) Plus the time limit was 2:45 and I wanted to be sure to get that medal. I would love to run it again.

  • West Palm Half Marathon

Another beautiful course exactly 4 years after my first and almost 20 minutes faster.  It was my PR until recently. I enjoyed every minute of the race.

  • Ramblefest Half Marathon

This was my most recent half marathon and my current PR.  I loved this course and I would love to re-run it in nicer weather. It was cold and rainy.  Still the foliage and views were awesome.

There are also FIVE Do-Overs where I would like the chance to run them better:

  • Santa Clarita Half Marathon.

I was hoping that this would be a PR.  I trained well. But maybe over-trained? And I flew all the way to California to run it with my friend’s sister.  It rained for 6 miles and then I gave up on it when I realized that I wouldn’t have the time I wanted. I was very disappointed in myself after that race.

  • EAU Palm Beach Half Marathon

Another one where I expected to have a good finish time.  After all, it was a similar course to the West Palm race.  Except that I finished 20 minutes slower. Yup, I’d like a redo.

  • Asbury Park Half Marathon

Running along the Atlantic Ocean.  What could be better?  Except that my feet hurt the WHOLE race.  It was hard to enjoy the views amid the pain.  Do over, please!

  • Love Run

This was my first race-cation with friends.  I was so looking forward to this weekend.  But it rained ALL weekend.  Not just rained but poured…a MONSOON…record rainfall during the race.  I have never seen such mud!!  Philadelphia is a beautiful city.  I want to run this race again and see the sites we ran past.

  • Adirondack Half Marathon

Another race where I signed up with friends.  But I had a strained Achilles over the summer and was unable to train for this fall race.  With my longest run only being 6 miles, I decided to do the race, run the first 7 miles but walk the last 6 miles.  I finished with at 2:45 – my slowest half marathon time. I would love to run it again healthy.

I have run 22 half marathons.  I have not repeated any and I don’t plan to but if I did, the ones mentioned in this post I’d love to run again.

Happy Running! Which races would you like a do-over?


14 thoughts on “TOTR: Race Rewind

  1. Vegas was the only one I ever repeated, and that was because of friends. But since it’s flat & fast, and the weather is usually cool (although it was cold the first time — my coldest half to date!) & we love Vegas — maybe. Or maybe not.

    There are halfs I was pretty sure I’d run and then a different opportunity opens up . . . like this most recent one. That’s life!


  2. Such a great list of races, and memories!

    I do tend to repeat a lot of races, but mostly because they are accessible and I fall in love with them and want to improve past performances. I do have a goal of running a race in every state, so I will probably need to start pacing myself, literally.


  3. My first longish race was a 20K. In cold, wind and rain. I hated every minute of it. My knees and joints were stiff for 3 months after it. I will do it again one day, but have such bad memories of it….


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