TOLT: Half Marathon, Work, Group Runs, etc.

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Since it is Thursday,  I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

Here’s what I’m thinking about today:

  • Half Marathon #21:

2008 Saratoga Palio Poster (Palio!) Tags: race poster memorial compassion run promotional legacy scholarship palio halfmarathon 5k fund mentalhealthcare melaniemerolaodonnell

Still clueless on how to train for and run one of these. I’ve run 20 – some well, some not so well, some injured, some healthy, some flat, some hilly, some in the heat, some in the rain, some in the cold and wind.

So what will happen for this one?  No clue.  I don’t even know the course.

I plan to enjoy. Stay healthy for my October 9 half marathon.  Hopefully finish under 2 hours 30  (or not).

I do know that my long runs have been miserable.  I ran them alone and the weather was hot & humid but I’m not a good training runner.  That’s why I race so much.

And I’m better at the short distance.  Maybe I should stick to 5ks.  Nah.  And miss out on race-cations and that finisher medal…


  • New Job:

The good news is that I am employed.  As with any new job, there is a learning curve.  This one is pretty steep. Hopefully, my brain isn’t too old to learn it all. 

7.5 hours of this view

The bad news – less $, fewer vacation days (1/2), eventually a lot of travel and long hours.

This doesn’t look good for running and race-cations.

Image result for running vacations ecards

  • Trying to Fit it All In.

Run 4 days a week… tennis once a week…occasionally go to the gym…mah jongg on Fridays…spend time with friends and family.

Now on Wednesdays I volunteer with the STEM runners (victims of domestic violence.) It just started this week.  It doesn’t start until 6:15 pm so I will have time to run before.

On Mondays, I will be running with the Troy Turkey Trot Training Group.

That leaves Thursdays for running and the weekend for a long run or race or both.  OY!

  • I Think I’ve Created a Monster.

Guess who signed up for the Dash to the Finish Line 5k in NYC?


Yes, Anna, my Russian friend.  She is flying in from Moscow!!!

Of course, I had plans to run this race with Judy and also meet up with Karen who is running the marathon… This should be an interesting weekend.

Happy Running! What’s going on in your life ?


21 thoughts on “TOLT: Half Marathon, Work, Group Runs, etc.

  1. That is so cool that your friend is coming in from Moscow! Wow! I may never even see you that weekend . . .

    My guess is you’re going to do great this weekend. It’s going to be great weather, I think. I’ll be on my way back down to Poughkeepsie. I haven’t heard anything from Denise in quite some time, despite trying to contact her, she wasn’t supposed to have surgery, but I’ve no idea what she’s up to (she was signed up for Palio, but I’d be very surprised if she ran it).

    Good luck!


  2. Good luck with your new job. There is always a learning curve but think about how much you are learning and challenging yourself.
    Looking forward to seeing you in NY ! 7 weeks !


  3. Congrats on the new job! Just make sure to you run every place you travel and keep a little map, maybe you can fill it up 🙂
    Enjoy the half! You have another one coming so no worries about time, right.


  4. I was going to hope the travel would be to good running places – which for me is NYC 🙂
    Oh well, I guess that’s why they call it “work.” 20 half marathons is awesome!


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