TOTR: Race Memorabilia

with Erika @ MCM Mama Runs,
Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice
and Patty @ My no-guilt life

This week’s topic is Race Memorabilia

So I’ve run over 200 races.  That’s a lot of stuff!!


I have them ALL shoved away somewhere – not on display cuz I have too many.  My favorite ones are in a basket near my medals.


this rack has 2 rows and holds 20 medals on each. The outer row has my half medals. Now what will I do with #21?

Again. I save them all.  I have too many to display.  I display ALL my half marathon medals and some others. Most again are in that basket.


Some I’ve eaten (the food ones LOL).  Some I wear (hats, socks gloves, etc.) Some I use (bottles, bowls, glasses, mugs, etc.) Most are on the desk below the rack above or in that basket.

Other Stuff:

I give away the shirts that don’t fit.  I had some old ones made into a blanket.  I usually just toss bags and heat sheets.

My Favorites:


a tough half and unexpected AG award – love this bridge too

Sept - 5K PR

This is a Rock and it is my 5k PR

Happy Running! What do you do with your race bling?



12 thoughts on “TOTR: Race Memorabilia

  1. I love your medal hanger, it looks great! I have a medal hanger I hang in our home gym. I’ve really got to purge the race shirts though. They’re taking up a lot of room. I’m planning to keep some favorites but use the rest in a quilt.


  2. I was planning on having a bag made of race bibs. Need to do that and then toss the rest. i have too many (but not 200!). we (husband is a runner too) have two medal hangers – one is for everything under a half marathon and the other is for half and up + rock n roll remix and heavy medals. those are full too!! too many shirts, etc. – actually need a clear out!! too busy running and training to do that though 🙂


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