Runfessions July – A Day Late

It’s that time again.  Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

I runfess…

Remember last month, when I was playing tennis all the time.  Well, the thrill is gone.

I started playing 4 times week, then 3, then 2… last week was one. This week NOT AT ALL!!

I am NOT running more … just other things have gotten in the way.


still love the game especially MY FRIENDS!!

I runfess…

It has been HOT HOT HOT…

Most of you are getting your runs in early in the morning.

Not me.  I have been running at 5 pm in 90 degree heat.  I have never sweat so much.


I runfess…

My National Ice Cream Day treat has turned in everyday is ice cream day.

I could justify it as a post run treat but I eat it even if I haven’t run.

I now hide the ice cream in freezer so my hubby doesn’t find it.

my new obsession!!

I runfess…

My last double digit run was June 26 and before that May 29.  Yup. Too HOT, rather be boating not running.


I have the time just not the desire.

I runfess…

Not working across the street from Starbucks has saved me money but I think I spend it on races.

You see, if I pay for a race, I will RUN.

Tomorrow is a 5k.

Then the week after, I signed up for a new race.  It’s one that I’ve always wanted to run. 8.4 miles on a trail racing a train. Sounds like fun.


More miles than I am ready for, in the heat, with hills, on a trail.  Probably not fun!

Then I have two races that I signed up for a while ago. I have done both of them before.


a very hilly 10K

jailhouse race logo 2015 large no date

August 20,2016 – 5k that ends with a downhill

Happy Running! Anything to runfess?


12 thoughts on “Runfessions July – A Day Late

  1. I runfess I was NOT happy when my Garmin rebooted itself & dumped ALL my steps from the morning — all 20,000+ of them. And I had just updated the software on it a couple of weeks ago!

    You may not be playing tennis, but you are hiking — and that’s good exercise.

    Still haven’t decided about Chingacook. It’s going to depend on a lot of different factors. Still a maybe.


  2. Why are you running at 5:00 pm? Do you not like to wake up early? I don’t, but I’d DIE if I tried to run in the afternoon. Heck, I practically die at 6:00 am, LOL!


    • My new running buddy doesn’t live nearby and she works. And the other days, I play tennis. It was easier to fit in running when I worked. Go figure.


  3. It is hot, the ice cream obsession seems right ton time LOL
    I was trying this summer to ignore the heat LOL LOL but I may be joining you and letting go of the double digits. In the past I never ran very far in the heat. It is crazy really.


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