TOLT: The Unemployment Post

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Since it is Thursday,  I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

Since June 10, this dark cloud (unemployment) has been hanging over my head. It’s on my mind.  Like 24 hours a day.

I’m not judging (I will read your blogs anyway) but I hate to write about personal things on my blog.  It’s a running blog and I think that’s what you expect to hear about.  So that’s what I like to write about.  My blog is where I can write about my races, my training and all that stuff that we, runners, worry and stress about….exercise, weight-loss, cross-training, speed, etc.

As I said, I am not judging –  many of you write about all kinds of personal stuff and I enjoy reading about that too.

So here’s how I can connect my current situation to running…


And no, I am NOT injured just jobless.

  • Unexpected or Could I have something?

One day, you are running and the next day, you are not.  Or maybe there were signs of an impending injury and you just ignored them.

One day, you have a job and then, you don’t.  In my case, I hadn’t a clue or did I?  Did I have the kind of job that would last forever?  10 years is a long time. But with technology, things do change. And teaching in a private school for years at a low salary and without a pension now doesn’t seem like a great idea.

  • Find alternative Activities

When you can’t run, you find other things to keep you busy.  None of which are as satisfying as running.  Depending on the severity of the injury, it may be reading, knitting, TV or it could be biking, swimming, yoga.

Without a job to go to, you have lots of free time to fill. So you run, walk, go to the gym and waste of a lot of time when you don’t have a schedule.  Especially if you are schedule-type of person. In other words, you have too much time.

  • Get lots of Advice

Yes, everyone is an expert.  Did you do this or use this or go to this?  PT, massages, chiropractors, stretching, strength training, rollers, sticks, etc. It’s great to have input but…

The same with being unemployed.  My friends mean well but enough of “have you tried?”, “have you looked into?”,  “have you gone to?”, have you talked to?” Yes, I  have!   I just want to hear “There’s a job for you here!”

  • Relive the Memories

When you are injured, you think about those races, fun runs and even the bad runs are memorable.  You look at your race photos and read your old blog posts. You realize how much running has added to your life.

Work wasn’t always fun but now you think about those parties, walks to Starbucks, fitness challenges and conversations in the hallways.

  • Miss your Friends

No meeting up with friends to run or meeting runners at races. I am lucky to have virtual friends but I would miss the face-to-face running chats.

Texts and emails are not the same as seeing your work friends everyday.

  • Uncertain Duration

Will it heal in several days or weeks or even months?  When will I be able to run?

When will I find a job?  How long will I be unemployed?

  • Uncertain Future

Will I run again?  Will I run long distances?  Will I run as fast?  My running may have to change.

Will I find a job?  Will it have benefits?  Will I earn enough money to support my family?  My life may have to change.

  • Have to be Optimistic

You can’t change the present.  Whatever happens, happens.

I and my family members are healthy.  There are worse things than unemployment.

So I’ll leave you with this wonderful quote (Thanks Karen):

When one door closesanother opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.  Alexander Graham Bell 


I am going to enjoy those weekday summer adventures that couldn’t happen when I was working..

Happy Running! What’s on your mind today?


10 thoughts on “TOLT: The Unemployment Post

  1. For me, the blog IS therapy. Running is stress relief, but not quite the same. So that’s why I write about some of my personal issues. There’s also always the hope that someone will see Bandit, and be willing to take him on, warts and all. Again, you just never know.

    For me, too, it’s how long will this go on? How will I manage everything and everyone? What can I do to get back to the semblance of a normal life?

    And right now I’m really isolated, so it’s good to have friends to interact with, even if only virtually.

    Not to mention my life was so limited last year, because of Chester, and that was really hard, but he was a dog I had raised from a pup and loved deeply.

    All I can offer is good luck with the job search. I know it’s really hard, harder than ever these days, but all you can do is keep trying and not look back — you can’t change what happened, so you just have to move forward.


  2. Aww Darlene, I know this is a tough time for you. I won’t offer any pearls of wisdom, because I don’t have anything that would be useful. However, you do seem to have a good support network and hopefully something will come along soon.


  3. This is a GREAT POST! I try not to write much about personal things on the blog because it’s really interesting how people hone in on that stuff. I might allude to it but really what goes on in my life (and it can get pretty dramatic) isn’t really anyone’s business. But I’m glad you shared your struggle–and I’m pretty sure you will get through it just fine. With a little help from your friends. ❤


  4. This was a A SUPER post, very heart felt and when I saw that picture of you on FB the other day hiking, I thought even though the view is beautiful, there is something about the photo was sad, because i realized you are filling free time you didn’t ask for.
    SO sorry you have to go through the job hunt process 😦 I know it sucks!
    I am glad the quote spoke to you. It has spoke to me and lifted me up several times over the past few months.
    I know how you feel, I try to talk too personal about the blog ( unless it is my own personal struggles) but somethings just bleed into every area our life and I get it. You just need to get it off your chest and you said it well.
    Hang in there Darlene.


  5. Well said!!!! I love the analogy it is all so true. More unwanted advice… Enjoy this time “off.” A job will come eventually – so take it one day at a time. I love your blog – don’t know how I stumbled on it / been reading for months now. If Your ever in Chicago – reach out if you Like. 😊Hang in there


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